Don’t panic, Jones


Ah, the slowly blinking cursor and white screen of a yet to be filled blog post. Time to engage Stream of Barely Consciousness, Lynn. 🙂


I am…. frustrated with myself and my health this past week. It seems I am not fully out of the shadow of dear old, Uncle COVID. Yes, I’ve been testing negative and the cough is mostly gone. Yet, I find my brain – make your own jokes here 🙂- is not with it. On listening to others who’ve been there before, it seems it’s a good month before the mind fog clears. Well, bugger. This is unhelpful because a key part of who I am is creating and organising stuff.

With the high temperatures of late and the above, I did not pack a bag for Chams. I really enjoyed the company and the discussion, but the idea of shapewear, slap, and a Syrup on my head was a bit too much.

Talking of makeup, I did buy a new concealer palette in the Prime Day. Fingers crossed it’ll help mask my under eye shadows. The summer seems a good time to stock up on cosmetics as the hot weather and tanned skin seems to make many people go bare faced.

Stranger by name

With a new streaming stick installed in the television – the trouble with so called smart TVs – I’ve finally got around to watching the latest series of Stranger Things.

I won’t spoil the site with this reveal, as a number of the main characters play Dungeons & Dragons. For us old school RPGers, or maybe it’s just me, hearing the characters refer to the series Big Bad as a classic monster – the Mindflayer, etc – raises a wry smile.

Given the above interests of the characters and the time the show is set, the mid 80s, I was wondering if the writers would lean on the moral panic about D&D. They have, but again, it’s a minor point in the plot.

If you’re not familiar with the Satanic Panic during that decade, it saw heavy metal, horror, and D&D singled out as a corruptor of the youth, or a gateway into dark magic.

Stop that sniggering at the back! 😉

It was, of course, complete bobbins. Hanging about with your friends, pretending to battle through a dungeon/forest/castle to defeat the evil dragon/sorcerer/undead lich, rolling funny shaped dice, and spending money on graph paper to map things; well, perhaps I missed the secret notes to summon Dark Forces Beyond My Control… 😋

Having somehow managed to not sprain my eyes after rolling them, or over using the phrase “really…?”, I find myself again, subject to another moral panic. The nonsense that we trans people are out to recruit children safe turn then to the dark side. At least with D&D you could tempt your mates with snacks 😉What have we trans folk got? Hey, fancy being at risk of violence from bigots, a higher suicide risk, be told you’re a perv invading safe spaces, and if you’re out at work, discrimination. Yeah, it’s kinda hard to get the numbers up 😋

Gender? I’m in
two minds about it

But, snarkiness aside, I guess like the moral panics about pot, heavy metal, RPGs, rave culture, being a goth (!); the nonsense will pass. It will not be an easy run and with politicians who should know better, it’ll be a while. But, it will pass. We might just have to be a little bit more open and be the allies we need if we can’t.

L x

ps: Happy Non Binary day for yesterday


  1. I did try scrolling and reading this post backwards but there were still no hidden satanic messages so maybe the moral panic over the heavy metal D&D goth trans mafia* was misplaced.
    And some may remember that infamous court case where Rob Halford of Judas Priest showed the jury just how easily susceptible they were to hear things that weren’t there if they’d been primed to expect them.
    (*sign me up. And if this a band, I want to see it.)

    1. “…heavy metal D&D goth trans mafia*…”

      “I’d buy that for a dollar!” 😁

      Andrea Eldritch and the TranSisters of Mercy? 🙂 Perhaps there’ll perform D20minion or Temple of Lovecraft. Iä, Iä! 🐙

      I do remember the Rob Halford case where he had to sing in court. Strange days indeed.

      BTW, didn’t a metal band put spoof subliminal messages in their records, telling kids to do their homework, eat their vegetables, etc?

  2. Lynn,
    I thought this season of Stranger Things was the best yet. I never got into D&D as I was too into starting my career and marriage and family at that time. My son who is in his mid 30’s has a whole group of friends that get together and play. He built a special dining table that he can take the top off of and expose a D&D gaming table. He also paints the figurine gaming pieces. There are also a couple bars in town that cater to board games hold D&D tournaments. Guess my town is the next to be in the upside down. 🙂
    Good post. I hope the fog clears.

    1. Hi Elizabeth. Hobbies from back in the day do seem to charge quickly. I think the D&D situation had expanded by the time I was the right age for it. Likewise with computers, there’s the early adopters, 8 bit crowd, and all that followed.

      Good to hear you’ve enjoyed the series. I’m just to to the last episode.

      Here’s hoping your son and his friends enjoys the games, and makes many happy memories.

  3. Sorry, Miss Late-Again wishes to comment.

    I’m sorry you’ve had the latest Covid variant – it’s a long-term messer-upper and so many people I know have got it and it’s taking them weeks to get over it. Those summer ‘flus are often worse than the winter ones as hot weather doesn’t exactly help the airwaves. I hope you are over it soon. Fingers crossed. Incidentally, I hope you haven’t suffered too badly from the heatwave.

    I remember some right bonkers moral nonsense about D&D and other RPGs in the 1980s, leaflets from religious organisations and the like which, despite coming from such a religious background myself, I could tell was mad stuff and nonsense (even if role players were a bit weird!) The current feminist and political rants about trans people in loos and sports smacks of the same forces that need to control by creating scapegoats of the more unconventional people in society.

    Sue x

    1. No problem, Sue. There’s no prizes or penalties around comments. Well, maybe I’d spring for a pint if someone gave me next week’s winning lottery numbers 😉

      It’s been over a week since I tested negative and it’s been a long haul out of it. I think it was only Tuesday this week, that I felt my thinking had returned to normal.

      Well, I say normal, obviously I live in a delusion of their being more than one gender 😋

      As a former RPGer, I’d agree about some folk taking things a little too seriously. I guess it’s like with all interests and hobbies. But, we’re back to a conversation about identities. “How long have you self identified as a jogger?” 😉

      The bit that used to blow my mind was the allegation that being into roleplaying games was a gateway to Satanism. Back in the day, I tried listening to the reasoning – if you can call it that – that lead to that worry, but there was nothing. I mean, the game is complete make believe, leans massively on Tolkien’s books, and old school war gaming. While there’s magic in the game, it’s more an end to combat that anything sinister. On the receiving end of the players fighting are the bad guys: the undead, demons, evil sorcerers, etc.

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