Yes, Prime Suspect


Do you have one of those weeks where a number of things happen? It’s felt a bit like walking through a wood, where the wildlife is making itself known.

I was going to write a bit about the Trans Day of Visibility, but I think my appearance has been somewhat limited over this past two years or so, that I’m not sure I’d be saying anything new. Well, not that that usually stops me. 😉

However, there’s been two developments around trans matters this week that have… irked me. One, perhaps like much in life, leads into the second.

This week sees the release of a survey from Galop, an anti-abuse charity, and they report that nearly a third of LGBTQ+ people experience abuse from family (source: here and here).

We asked 5,000 LGBT+ people if they had experienced abuse from a family members or members. 29% said yes


Looking at the report in more detail – and they quizzed around five thousand people – that figure of abuse grows to 43% Trans and non-binary people.

Is this the world we want to grow up in? That is okay to verbally abuse someone because of who they are? Funny how certain critical types are all over ‘bUt wHat abOut teh cHIldrEn?‘ and yet when we have stories from those affected, little changes.

Talking of which, little change leads me into the news leak (source) that the current government have, well, pretty much given up on properly banning Conversion Therapy (see here). It seems the wave of outcry pushed them to do some of it and under duress. So, I think we can now conclude that by inaction:

  • It’s okay to bully, verbally abuse, and say people can be ‘cured’ of their trans/queer nature.
  • It’s okay to tell people that they are both broken and wrong.
  • it’s okay to spread hatred and discrimination.
  • It’s okay to sell or offer a ‘cure’ that doesn’t work and that damages people.
  • That the vulnerable aren’t worth protection.
  • It’s okay to let the abusers do it again and again.

So, given the above, can I start selling LSD? Because, well, only a minority will take it and it’s their fault for having psychology issues afterwards. I should be free to offer that valuable community service as a shortcut to enlightenment, right?

Perhaps it’s also okay to encourage folk to drive without a seat belt. I mean, it’s their choice, it only affects them. Not my problem if they injure themselves or die from my freedom course.

Or, more accurately, perhaps it’s us, the LGBTQ community who have the temerity to ask for rights not be abused or psychologically tortured. You know, like the rights straight folk have.

L x


  1. As you know, I left the UK some years ago but I still keep an ear out for developments there. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s the human tendency to listen to news of wars in other places or watch a horror movie, some sort of dark thrill that we’re OK while others are suffering. I’d best not say what I really think about the results of the poll or the government’s half measure on conversion therapy since YATGB is a family-friendly site. These developments simply adds more of the poison that’s entered public life in the UK in the last few years.

    The question I now ask myself these days is, what would a Ukrainian do? Fight back, that’s all one can do in the face of injustice, violence and malignity when others intend to destroy.

    Sue x

    1. “I’d best not say what I really think…”

      No and I found keeping to polite language very difficult. I am… incensed by this. Mrs J, bless her, said it doesn’t affect me directly, so I should try to let go. Not because it’s not important, but because getting angry at the…. (deep breath)…. people like Johnson, Patel, and Truss; well, they’ve shown their true colours on how they treat the poor, people feeling war, and the infirm.

      What -ahem- boils my p*ss is deliberately excluding trans people says ‘you do not matter’. That folk, like our youngest (who has socially transitioned) are not worth protecting from abuse. I feel this as a Trans person and a parent.

      1. I feel your frustration with the current, ahem, shower that purport to govern.

        Your wife, however, is right. By all means support others but, yes, don’t get too airiated(?) by it. It’s frustrating, pants and annoying, but best to support others rather than getting one’s liquids boiled in isolation. That way, I feel, madness lies.

        I am, however, most of the way into a strong Imperial Stout so… huge grain of salt to be taken with my words.

  2. The sudden U-turns, then a full 360 handbrake spin of the ban on conversion therapy would be funny in most other contexts if the finally decision wasn’t so obviously and blatantly phobic and a signal that some lives don’t really matter much at all. and then to have the BBC ignore this and instead concentrate on whether allowing a trans athlete to compete is fair. You and I have mentioned the bad old days of Section 28, but in this the Tories have separated out the trans community for an easy kill.

    1. I was talking to someone about the impact of Section 28 today. It blows my mind, as someone who only experienced education under Section 28, how much I missed and the long shadow it cast. That Blair did not rescind it for so long is… Well, I suppose it allows me to be more sanguine about this latest injustice. Not entirely sanguine, just moreso.

    2. What a time to be alive, eh? 🙂 As you say, it would indeed be funny, if lives were not at risk. There’s some vulnerable folk out there and this type of mistreatment is wrong on so many levels.

  3. “That the vulnerable aren’t worth protection.”

    I think this has been the catchphrase of every government I can remember (i.e. back to Thatcher). Even the elderly are only pandered to in election years. And even then it’s inconsequential stuff like blue passports, not help with heating bills.

    1. I agree, though at least in the New Labour years there was *some* awareness of the idea of supporting the most vulnerable. Not enough, I grant, but *some*. Oh dear, I am supporting New Labour… I feel ashamed and dirty. Which is to say, I totally agree with your point.

    2. It’s your own fault for being poor, disabled, old, gay, black, female, trans, etc. If only you’d worked harder by being born rich or married into money. Don’t get me started on having the appalling attitude of becoming ill or having an injury that leads to long term issues. Wasters the lot of you! 😋

  4. I detect a fan of Crace, am I correct?

    But there is hope, of a sort, the vast majority of ordinary people are far more accepting than our current people in positions of power. So, whilst they drag their feet, there is a grassroots groundswell (to mix metaphors) far more favourable in the offing.

    1. Yes, Mr Crace certainly amuses and scathes in equal amounts. 🙂 The title is a mix of his term for the current encumbant and, of course, ‘Yes, Prime Minister’.

      The current tosh that’s going on, it is so massively out of touch with what seems to be happening in public life. I can only hope this nonsense, along with Partygate, shocking drop in living standards, corruption during COVID19 contracts, bungling over Brexit, and callous treatment of Ukrainian refugees, finally sees this lot gone.

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