Two posts in a week. Well, quantity even if not quality eh? 😉 Writing stuff like the Script things, it’s, well, a challenge. Partly it’s getting the idea into a shape that matches what’s in my head. There’s been a few that haven’t seen the light of day for that reason.

There’s enjoyment to be had in getting the character’s voices out there, but sometimes the idea doesn’t land well on the page. If that’s about the concept, the execution, or both, I’m not sure. 😉 But, I guess like walking in heels, you don’t get it right first time and you need to put the hours in. Plus, like trying a new look, sometimes things work and sometimes they need a rethink.

Another part of it is not wanting to be offensive. Yes, in a satire, or perhaps even humour, there needs to be something to hang that on. I guess some have swung closely to mockery, but there is a certain level of absurdity in some views. We joke about ‘tin foil hats’, space lasers, etc. In fact last month, I happened to read something where the commentator was trying to say that drag/trans was akin to blacking up. I had to reread the section a few times in case I’d missed the irony or dead pan humour…. No, they were serious. 🙄

Perhaps it’s when an idea is so cracked (flat earth?) and is used to attack, that it can feel that poking fun at the end game of that, or applying it the other way around, is a coping strategy.

Bah! The globeulists have put the secret base at the North Pole. They have control of ‘the northern hemisphere’ and they’ve invalidated our world view with evidence! They must be stopped!”

I seem to recall a technique where you take an extreme point of view, or call for special treatment, from another group, but package that view as being from one of their targets. The Elephant Trap in this is seeing the outrage at ‘how dare they that ask that!’ and the reveal that what some of their own number want…

  • I read here that trans people are demanding that anyone using the loo needs a proof of their genetic identity before being allowed in…
  • Says here that trans folk are calling on schools to ban talk about football. Apparently it might be a gateway into hooliganism and have kids ‘turned’ by the Footy Mafia….

Time will tell if the Woke Skins, Wolf Guests, or Stand-up’s Rant will form into something readable.

In other news, it was Chams last night and for a change, I decided to try my old wig and some cropped leggings. The latter will be the last hurrah as it’s a return to Wookie looks for the summer. Well, I say that, it seems the outer parts of my lower legs have decided to go slacker.

Yeah, man, but like, what’s the point of growing if we’ll just, yknow, like break off and grow again and again. Time to fight the system…”

It was a quiet night as a few folk seemed to be absent, but while they were missed, it means it’s easier to spend time talking things through in a bit more one to one.

While the wig didn’t have the same feel as the human one I’ve got, there’s something about the cut and colours on this that I really love. Still, good to mix things up a bit.

L x


  1. Yes, the “reductio ad absurdum” is an age-old way of showing the logical flaws in someone else’s position. Except that person has to be amenable to reason in order to change their outlook, and these days I find a lot of people aren’t. I find listening to transphobes is a bit like listening to Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov whose lies are so poor and whose bone-headedness is so strong that you wonder if you aren’t dealing with a three-year-old. Precisely what we do about the alternative realities that so many people insist on is a problem that’s been taxing my mind for a while. If I find an answer to that I will let you know, though greater brains than mine have also been working on it for some centuries.

    Nice to see you got to Chams. Intriguing that your excess hair is weakening. I have no such luck. 🙁

    Sue x

    1. Every day’s a school day, although at least we’re free of any uniform nonsense 🙂 I want aware of that term, Sue, or how it is used, so thank you. Am I trying to change anyone’s point of view? I’m not sure, to be honest. I think, and as you say, if someone was on the fence about things, and somehow they found their way here, I think it would be good if those short pieces helped tip them towards equality. There’s a website called Know Your Bias which goes through the different biases we have. Interesting stuff if you like that type of thing.

      Sorry to hear that your leg carpeting is still going strong. On the outside of my shins, from ankle to nearly mid calf, the hair has given up. A bit like on my head. Apparently it’s a known condition. Sadly, no luck in convincing the rest of my legs to join in. 😉

  2. Thanks Sue, I was trying to think of the term “reductio ad absurdum” but I ended up with “straw man” lodged in my brain and couldn’t think round it to of the right term for this.
    Unfortunately the reductio only works if the person on the other side can acknowledge the absurdity of their argument when it pushed to its extreme logical fallacy, and after listening to Jon Ronson interviewing too many alt right nutters and conspiracy theorists, I’m not sure many of them have a concept that any outcome is too extreme to be given credence. It’s a weird world out there, although whether it’s any weirder than it has been in the past, but just more actively broadcast on social media, is another question.

    As for that drag argument, I can see that some people might view it as targeting women and thus being derogatory and offensive but that ignores the fact that sometimes the most enthusiastic audiences for drag shows are women. But the argument that this applies to trans is something I had hoped we had left far behind us with uber-terf Janice Raymond’s The Transsexual Empire. Read it by all means (after all, “know thy enemy”) but make sure you are sitting somewhere where there is nothing valuable and breakable within easy reach.

  3. Yes, it’s a very weird world out there isn’t it. With the conspiracy stuff, I think I once read “don’t waste your time arguing with stupid”. It felt quite harsh, but perhaps safe from a personal point of view. My only worry is when you get, if you will, critical thickness, and the mob do something dangerous and stupid. Setting fire to mobile telephone masts or injecting themselves with bleach. 😞

    As to the book idea, I’m not sure I want to wish eye sprain or the adrenaline overdose of the umpteenth “really?!”. I could just read a few articles in The Terfgraph 😉

  4. “Never argue with an idiot. They’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” – Mark Twain

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