The short week


If you listen carefully, you might hear the soft sound of contentment. The mythical four day week that lets us recharge and enjoy time away from the red tape machines.

For yours truly, it’s been shorter than that, as I booked Thursday of as well. Given the Ever Lovely Mrs J is signed off ill, both children are off – and I am still getting used to Wee Man’s university schedule – it seemed a good idea to have a family lunch out.

Talking of Mrs J, we had some good news from the medical experts, so fingers crossed things are going in the right direction now. She’s clearly not 100% yet. However, as after going out, she fell asleep in the afternoon due to exhaustion. While I can – and do – nap when I get the chance, it’s a sign Mrs J’s condition has taken the wind from her sails, bless her.

That’ll do, Pig

With Thursday off, I’d left packing my clothes to the last hour. Indeed, not having to rush about made things a lot easier. There was the usual faffing of long shower and a close shave. With Summer approaching I’m not doing my pins, although my leg hair seems fairer than usual. I’m wondering if it’s my age. 🙂 That may explain the left shoulder on my back furring up.

Is it that a person has a set amount of hair and regardless of age, it will burst forth? In my 20s, my beard was hardly there and a wet shave kept me clean shaven for at least three days. Perhaps my ‘hair points’ had been used up on my long hair. Now I’m much thinner on top, does this explain hairy toes (ugh), nostrils, and occasional back patches? It’s a shame you can’t communicate with said follicles and say, loving the energy, but just give up here, you’ll only get mown off. You’re needed at the top. 😉

On getting ready, it was one of those moments of alignment where everything seems to be working. I was happy with my outfit, hair, and make-up. To some, that may feel a little shallow, but when you have to stay in one gender – and therefore one appearance – when you get the time to be all of you, and it goes well, that’s something to hold on to. Remember when days are harder and your self confidence isn’t quite there.

The evening itself was quieter than usual, but given the school/back holidays and maybe the cost of living going up, people are doing different things.

L x

PS: To those of you who got in touch about Child 2.0’s situation (commenting publicly or privately via email), thank you for your supportive and kind words ❤️

PPS: I’m hoping my new room at the education camp in the sunlit uplands of Rwanda will have good WiFi. As an ‘gender undesirable’ I wonder if I’ll be on the conversion therapy programme? 🙂 A note to the Prime Criminal and your goons, V for Vendetta is not a guide, it’s a warning.


  1. Nice outfit.
    You do look relaxed and content in that photo. It’s nice to hear everything came together. That’s a good start to the Easter break (certainly better than being stranded with hundreds of other people at an airport or train station looking a long list of delays and cancellations.)

    1. Thank you, Susie. Funny how not thinking about something and just going with the flow seemed to help.

      As to travel, we’ve not been away since before the pandemic. Even then, most of our holidays – bar occasional big trips once a year – where UK based. I don’t really like flying, if in honest. The faff, the airport, and the impact to the climate.

  2. I’m glad to hear that Mrs J is improving. And that you are getting a nice long weekend. You’re looking good in the pic, as ever – I love that pretty top very much.

    I’d best say nothing about the gangsters in Westminster but wish you a happy easter with lots of lovely chocolate – diet in May, right? 😉

    Sue x

    1. Thinking about the outfit, it feels a bit of a Best Of. The jeans I’ve had four ages and yet to find any that fit as well. The top was in the sale a few years back and the underlying vest was six quid from a supermarket. The shoes are Mrs J’s and may well be coming up to twenty years old. Hello vintage 🙂

      IMO, the good things about the top are the pattern, colours, and with it being a fine mesh, both cool and covering for warmer weather.

      Yes, good news about Mrs J indeed and I’m very much hoping that continues.

      I’m not sure I’ll be eating an Easter egg this year. Mainly as I’ve not requested one – although there’s a stash of posh chocolates for Mrs J, both kids, and Granny J. With Mrs J’s health issues, we went veggie many months ago. I eat meat very occasionally – flexitartian? It’s really helped by stomach shrink down and while I could’ve stayed more omnivorous, I felt eating less meat and dairy might help the climate.

  3. Amazing look and sorry I missed Chams – I was Oop North – but you look like it was a good night. Hope you are enjoying your long weekend and that the good news for Mrs J continues. Lovely that you all got a lunch out too!

    And, no, having everything just… *align* is not shallow. It is powerful medicine.

    1. So it goes with Chams, public holidays, school breaks, and indeed the weather change the attendance. Hopefully you had a good time away.

      Thanks for the kind comment about the outfit. Having times went it all works, well, it helps with the times when it doesn’t or you can’t 🙂

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