Is it little victories?


How’s things with you? Over here in Chez Jones, it’s been somewhat up and down. Not just with yours truly, but seemingly all of us. Perhaps I shouldn’t be dosing the tea with medical grade hallucinogens? 🤔 The Ever Lovely Mrs J had a bit of a dip given her health issues got on top of her. Wee Man, bless him, has restarted his medication and seems to be picking up after a rough start to university. Finally, Child 2.0 didn’t go to school today and they were in tears this morning, bless them. We think that maybe down to too much on at school. But sometimes, I think the best thing you can do is stop. Walk away from it all, enjoy a warm up of your favourite beverage, and do something else for a time. ❤️

I say all of us, except the hounds. So long as there’s plenty of fussing, regular walks, and comfy sofas, they seem sound as a pound. Hmm, come to think of it, perhaps that’s not a great saying given the economy seems to be playing up. 🙄

But, the weather seems on the turn (“trans mafia make the weather question its gender!”) and that makes getting out both easier and more pleasant.

The upshot of all the above, is I wonder that one answer to the on-and-off funk – and not the groovy type – is to focus on the little things. Things like a work day of no meetings, a chance to be kind, to be the recipient of unexpected kindness, good luck coming your way, etc.

For variety, I took a walk into the woods and briefly around the fields nearby. It was a change of scenery and both hounds enjoyed new locations to sniff. Plus, it’s Friday night and the promise of a full weekend beckons like the first page in brand new exercise book.

So, here’s a question to you all: what little moments of goodness have come your way this week?

L x


  1. Since you ask, I goofed off this week. Too much to try to tackle brainwise, with pandemics, refugees, building works and other stressors going on. The time of year is never very conducive to positivity – promises of spring but not really! So I treated myself to lunch at a restaurant with a pretty interior that’s becoming quite inventive with its dishes and, at home, I forgot the diet and ate lots of sausages! So, yes, maybe little things are the trick. Tomorrow I will go to the big cycle race. I have little interest in the sport but being in a crowd for the first time in two years may be exhilarating.

    Sorry you’ve all been under the weather. Hoping the weekend and next week will be much better.

    Sue x

    1. Here’s to goofing off and taking things easy for a bit. 🍸 I hope the cycling event goes well.

      Whenever some says sausage, I’m reminded of Doctor Johnson in Blackadder the Third 😁

      Under the weather? Umm, a bit, yes, but not as low as previous months have been. I think it’s the health situation with Mrs J (absolutely not her fault!) and the balancing act of caring, home stuff, and work that’s sometimes a bit too much.

      Just after I posted this, the nextdoor neighbor popped round asking if I could help him out with their car. They’d run out of a petrol, so it was chance to help someone out.

  2. That all sounds rather… well, necessitating a walk in the woods. Now that the weather is a little more friendly (for a moment) I too have been taking the opportunities to walk. Mine is out to a local store where I get free tea and/or coffee on their loyalty scheme (and without spending a penny, unless I avail myself of their facilities) which has been nice. Good for the exercise (hitting my green numbers and steps, which is nice) and also for the routine. That and painting orcs (or orks?) because… what else can we do in the facew of such recklessness on the world stage and closer to home.

    I was able to be kind to a friend today, as well, which was nice. Hopefully I shall get the chance to be kind to others too as time passes. We shall see.

    Finally, reading. I can recommend a good read. Just finished Left Hand of Darkness this evening and… was not expecting it to take the turn it did. Will be thinking on that for a while yet!

    All the best to all your family, hopefully the calmer weather heralds some calmer times ahead!

    1. Would the free beverages be via a certain Nordic franchise perhaps? 😉

      Orks or Orcs? Is one Tolkien and the other, umm, not? I’ll have to hand in my RPG geek badge at this rate! 😋 But perhaps another question would be Space Orks or Fantasy?

      A moment of kindness to others, that is indeed a win, IMO. BTW, is madam sporting a new avatar? 👒

  3. “trans mafia” puts an entirely different picture in my head than the one I suspect you meant, but then I’ve never watched The Sopranos. Although if anyone wants to have a go at a Drag Race mashup, then please feel free . Although be warned. Tomorrow you may find yourself sleeping with the fishnets.

    Sorry. Where was I? Yes, despite everything, it important, if only for mental balance and sanity, to find some positives. Like working from home yesterday and deciding, because I was alone, that perhaps Susie would like to don a smart office suit and take over for the day. And finally prove, at the end of a long and very involved calculation that taken me best part of a week to work through, that I am right and the new software is woefully wrong, and thus needs to be thrown back to the developers. It’s a very nerdy win, but it’s a win.
    And a good book, as Joanna says. Or several. Currently Erin Morgenstern’s The Starless Sea.

    1. Morgenstern’s name rings a bell. I feel an online search is the next step! Oh, and, FWIW, the skirt suit look was very classy.

      As to Trans Mafia, I’d read, with occasional snorts of laughter, that there’s some media controlling cabal run by us T folk. It’s insidious purpose to spread inclusivity, kindness, and acceptance. I think we may need to up our game! 😉

  4. Madam is, I figured a non-FaceApp’d avi for WordPress (also, honestly, it’s the hat – it’s always the hat). 🙂

    And yeah, I thought that about orcs (or orks) and I have no idea either. The ones I’m painting have been for Fantasy though, all knives and bows, with some rather nightmarish red eyes and blood from their mouths that, in retrospect, I feel may be a bit far…

    And yes, gotta love the land of flat-pack fur-ni-ture.

  5. I finished a big edit on Wednesday. And since then I’ve been doing a lot of nothing. Which has constituted…

    Going out to a gig, Going out to play chess, Going into town to look round the shops, Going out to a cafe, Reading about Swell Maps and the GLF, Listening to a lot of music, Playing online chess, Doing various wordle-type puzzles, Beginning a rewatch of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Surfing teh interwebs…

    What a busy life I lead 🙂

    1. A lot of nothing, although perhaps ironically, that’s the stuff that fills us.

      I think it was this week that marked the 25th anniversary of Buffy.

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