Not quite blue


Last month I was sorting out my closet and having a bit of a tidy up. The half height built in cupboard – or skyscraper if you’re from The Shire 😉 – doubles as my main store for Lynn clothes (we will ignore the tall ‘dress cupboard’ and half cupboard for tops 🤭) and also impromptu storage for Christmas presents.

My hand fell to an old wig that’s been resting at the back, unworn since before COVID was a twinkle in a patient zero’s eye. I had bought it years ago and while it was not quite me, it was a lovely ‘do. Pre restyle it was shoulder length (see Xmas Do of yesteryear) and after Steph recut it for me, it was more manageable.

A centre parting felt like my features were far too front of house and on show, so going shorter and with a side sweep was more me.

The funny thing about this ‘do is while the colour isn’t my natural shade (I’m more a light brown, or was) and while it’s a synthetic fibre, this wig is probably close to how I feel my hair would be if it hadn’t headed south.

I think I’ve made peace knowing my future is a hat on sunny days and sunblock if not. I wouldn’t say I was unhappy at what’s happened, and really, where would such regret get me? Hence today’s title; not quite blue. Regret seems too strong a word and yet…

There’s a thought that comes back, one where I’m seeing myself from the back while I comb my hair and it’s as per the photo, only real. Yet, I know that will not be. I’m not, ahem, blessed in the hair department, I’m not going full time, nor would I colour it if I had that style.

Yet, the daydream remains. Perhaps it’s the feeling? Being at ease with how I look, knowing it matches what I feel on the inside, even if that guage changes over time.

L x


  1. Yes Lynn, after with the side sweep definitely looks better. I understand exactly what you mean about the wig matching how you feel on the inside.
    Penny from Edinburgh.

    1. Thanks Penny. I’m with you on the side parting. I think I read an article about hairstyles for women with square faces and how breaking up the symmetry of the face is a softer look.

  2. Lynn, I have to agree that your hair swept to the side (after photo) suits you much better.

    I’m on a journey with my hair, I’m fortunate to have a good head of hair as I approach the big fifty. The problem I have right now though is that it isn’t growing quick enough for my liking so I can only daydream about what style I’m going to have for the time being. When it gets to the right length I will be definitely reaching for the hair colouring lol.

    1. Ah, the mistakes we make and hopefully the lessons we learn through making them.

      I hope your hair growth picks up the pace and you’ll be able to settle it as you wish.

  3. The recut and style certainly makes a difference. It also makes it seem a little fuller somehow.
    It suits you. I like that dress in the second picture as well.
    Did you find anything you’d completely forgotten about in the closet tidy?
    I’m sorting and re-shelving CDs at the moment. There’s a least couple of things I don’t remember buying and so far I’ve found ten duplicates.

    1. Thanks Susie. I guess that’s the benefit of having wig experts like Nicola and Steph to help you make the best of what you have. As much as I loved having long hair, I think that as a person gets older, a long, straight cut can drag their face down if they’re unlucky. Mind you, gravity seems to be assisting me in that anyway! 🙂

      Perhaps the shortening also helps the hair keep some body, rather than be pulled down by it’s own weight?

      The dress is one from a few years back and seems to be another of those ‘compliment generator outfits’. Perhaps I should wear it more often! 😁

      Oh, things in the tidy up, yes:
      – A wig to pass on to a friend
      – A pair of nude heels, sadly marked
      – Two pairs of jeans
      – A bag of coinage from Chams*
      – A large collection of delivery bags 🙁
      – A box of various types of tights

      I think I need to pay in the loose change and get that transferred into the group’s account. I hung on to change when we used to pay cash, but with the new card machine, that’s not an issue now.

      I might need to go through the old box of tights. Some I’m not going to wear again and styles move on, just as we do.

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