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The out of office button’s been pushed, the timesheet goblin fed, and I can close the laptop lid until next year. Oh, that feels good to write.

Due to a spot of luck around holidays, I’ve managed to save some days back to match the Ever Lovely Mrs J and the kids’ break too. Not that I imagine the teenagers will surface before Mrs J and I are back from our morning walk 🙂

I am planning on slowing down and taking a break from the busy-busy of work. I was talking to a friend last night and indeed work colleagues have said similar, in that November and December really seem to have hammered people’s energy levels. I would hesitate to use the word burnout, but I certainly feel the need of a proper break to get my energy levels back. I’m not sure I could’ve managed another fortnight at the recent pace.

Both the Ever Lovely Mrs J and I have had our booster jabs. Despite a sore arm last weekend, we’ve been okay and I read today how much of a difference the top up makes to you being able to resist infection. Please do get yours when you can and stay safe. ❤️

Oh, in good news a workmate secretly put me forward for a reward (Father Ted fans, feel free to yell ‘Award!’ instead 😁) and that was a really kind surprise. Not just the voucher, but the kind words, and them putting time in to make that happen. I guess leaning towards coaching and encouraging* folk rather than fixing it or telling seems to be paying off. Now, which Thursday night group helped me hone those skills? 😉

( * Mind you, I may be first against the wall come the glorious revolution that only allows The One True Binary 😋 Yeah, good luck getting that gender genie back in the bottle 😁 )

Plenty to be both thankful and cheerful given the run up to the holidays.

L x


  1. Yay! Have a well deserved and relaxing break but don’t eat too much; you don’t want to pop your waistband in January now do you? …Oh, to hell with it, pig out and enjoy!

    It’s good to get an Award. Ah, Father, that’s a lovely photo of Sister Lynn being given the Award from Father Jack, now. Glad to see YATGB winning Awards on Top of the Blogs, too (suitable ’70s pop countdown music).

    Have a nice time and hope Santa brings you something pretty.

    Sue x

    1. Ha ha! Cheers, Sue. I think some restraint on eating may be a good idea. The new mostly veggie diet Mrs J has switched to, seems to have helped me slim down a bit.

      “Sister Lynn, Ted. She seems quite tall and the habit seems more well fitted than we’re used to. Plus, heels, Ted – ”

      “Sush Dougal. I hear she’s from the mainland off the tinterwebs. One of those RSVPTQ+ people”

      “Did you say tea, Father?” 🙂


      The recognition award thingy was from a colleague. I’d been helping them on and off with various issues over the year. Said colleague often has to deal with our VIPs, so it’s often high stakes for him. Last year he got a staff medal, which was well deserved.

  2. And… relax.
    Good to hear you have both had had your booster jabs. I will feel more comfortable when I’ve had mine in a couple of days.
    I’m working the few days between now and Christmas, but I suspect it might be a slack week as a lot of people in the team are taking that week off.
    Congratulations on the award. (Don’t know the Father Ted reference. The one that’s really caught on in this house is Ted’s explanation to Dougal of the difference between things being “small” and “far away”.)

    1. Yes, we’ve enjoyed the numb arm for a day, but that seems a small price to pay for Bill Gates being able to track you via the implanted microchip. 😋 Oh, and an immune system upgrade.

      Here’s hoping plenty of folk take it easy next week, Susie, and time doesn’t drag.

      I think the Ted sketch is around Jack shouting ‘award’ very loudly after hearing Ted talk about someone receiving one.

  3. All of the wins, all of the time! Have a lovely and relaxing time, sounds like it’s a bit overdue, and congratulations on being noticed! Like you say, it’s not done for recognition but it’s always nice to be seen.

    As to Father Ted, “Chair! Floor! Cor-tens!” “All coming back to you is it, Father?” *points* …

    Modesty forbids me ending the quote (why are all the Father Ted quotes I know so blue?).

    If I don’t comment before then, Merry Christmas to all of you and yours! Enjoy the week off beforehand!

    1. Merry Christmas to you and yours, as well Joanna.

      I’m very much looking forward to a slow week of long walks, easy days, and a gentle glide into Christmas.

      As to why the quotes are on the more colourful end of the dialect, is it that Jack gets the best lines?

  4. Congratulations on your award Lynn, sounds like it was very much deserved.

    It’s always good when the Out of Office button has been pressed and you can relax and put your feet up for a couple of weeks and re-charge the ‘energy’ batteries. I always look forward to those couple of weeks rest at this time of year, Xmas is just a bonus.

    Enjoy your festive break and sincere Best Wishes for Xmas and the New Year from me.

    1. I’m hoping the time away will let me let go a bit as well. Work has been a little too stressful of late and it’s been difficult to switch off.

      Thanks for the well wishes: fingers crossed for a safe Xmas and a better 2022.

  5. Congratulations! Both on the award and the booster shot 🙂
    We should all be kinder to ourselves about work and stress.

    1. Indeed, Vince. I think there’s a lot to be said about work and stress. IMO, from a productivity point of view, being overly stressed impedes my ability to think and act. Perhaps the worry pushers out the more rational thoughts required to get things done, so if I’m highly stressed, I’m certainly not at my best.

      That aside, it’s been a very good week off and the slow time approach seems to have really worked for Mrs J and I.

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