I’m thinking of starting a new website that’s wholly generated by artificial intelligence. I mean, why pay humans to do it when you can create need stories to fit there’s rules:

  • The X are coming and they’re not like you or me.
  • X activists are demanding new rights.
  • We need to talk about X and how they’ll affect your children.
  • Changing rooms aren’t safe because of X using then.
  • Am I safe to pee when X people are there?
  • X clash with police during ‘peaceful’ protest.
  • Won’t someone stand to for our rights and stop the X taking over our [insert one location from this list: communities, schools, clubs, country]?

For X I can drop in gay people, trans folk, immigrants, and probably any minority you’d like to use to stir up some fear and get those Concerned of Tunbridge Wells readers to panic.

I think I’ll be applying an Equal Opportunity policy to who the software will write about. Not only is it vital to inform people, I’ve got to build a readership, social media shares, and keep the advertising coming in. You might think it’s about money, but you’d be wrong: I’m doing a vital public service to inform what X are planning….. and they are planning. They’re like the X mafia. There’s a network and I’m pretty sure they have infiltrated the media, so it’s best to get the facts from my new site.

Once I get the fear thing going, it’s on to targeting ministers and companies to push the ‘common sense changes’ required to keep us all safe from those X people. Oh, I should add, we don’t hate the X community, it would be better if they kept to their own areas and didn’t mix with us.

With the X agenda in the open, that should help other folk who don’t like, sorry, “have valid concerns about the X community”, to write their own pieces, and I can draw in that content to write more articles about how right we are and the X menace needs to be dealt with. I mean, won’t someone think of the children!?

So, who’s with me on this? I think it would be a fantastic business model. Oh, sorry! I’ve mentioned money again. I do get confused, I meant to say inform the public.

Thanks for reading,
Sir Richard Chumley Rhys Jones,
Somewhere offshore

Just in case you think I’ve gone crackers, this is satire. 🙂 The issue with an the above is it seems to fit a pattern of behaviour. My worry is that if all the news I see tells me X are bad, how do I know any different? How do I find other sources? How do I know when I’m reading opinion as opposed to well researched, accurate journalism? Lastly, when I am X, what do I think about myself, and the culture I live in, if I’m told I’m the villain? Perhaps, we might pause to reflect on where that night take us as a society. L x


  1. This is not satire. This is serious. They are a spreading nuisance. They want to infiltrate our decent law abiding society and distort its thinking so that it finally accepts them as legitimate.
    Then where would that leave us, the voices of decency, of reason, of civilization?
    Our fathers fought hard for the way of life we now enjoy. It would reject their sufferings were we to treat these vermine as our equal.
    If you won’t fight this good fight for yourselves, do it for your children and for all decent citizens.
    Say no to evil.

    1. Indeed ☹️ I struggled with adding the satire disclaimer at the end. With no body language, tone of voice, and the all important knowing look, sometimes humour – even dark comedy – can miss the mark. So, I erred on the side of caution.

      That said, I’m with you about it becoming a growing menace. The push of fake news to whip up moral panic also seems a distraction technique. One that doesn’t just keep people busy with the unimportant (namely: the BBC should have more Union Jack flags on show) but one that can be used to confuse and make people disengage.

      If you had said to me decades ago that this would be a thing in the real world, I wouldn’t have believed you…. and now, we seem be affected by this issue.

  2. I just tried putting ‘the government’ for X.
    I think you’re on to something 😉

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