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It’s been an interesting week for me from a mood point of view. There’s been no major issues, stresses, or worries, and yet, early this week, I was not feeling great I’m not wholly sure if it was down to poor sleep, chemistry in the brain, or feeling a little too much like the proverbial rat on a wheel. It may be that It Was Just One of Those Things where you’ll never know, and, even if you did, would knowing help? Well, it depends, but right now, the funk – sadly not the groovy kind – was very much in the ‘unknown unknowns’ zone 🙂

The good news on the above is having had the cognitive behavioural therapy course, or perhaps having been there before and come through the other side, there’s another approach to things. Rather than let my emotions rule me, it’s about the deep breath and saying Hang on, might I just be a bit knackered? Am I sleeping enough? Eating right? Could it be, that I’ve just had enough?

Looking at the situation through that lens takes me away from the worry of am I headed back into the dark woods? Instead, I think on getting outside into nature, not dwelling on things, and keeping busy. That seems to do the trick most of the time.

That and having time alone, I decided to paint my toes because sometimes it’s a good thing to have something that makes you feel pretty. I went with a deep purple and then a dark blue glitter effect on top. It’s quite sparkly and may be a pain to get off, but I’ll worry about that later.

I think it was midweek when the Ever Lovely Mrs J peeked round the door before she nipped off to work. We had a quick chat and said if I had had enough this week, why don’t we both book a day off. So it was that today, we’re back from a long walk through the nearby woods. We were off just after the school run, so we pretty much had the place to ourselves and could enjoy the birdsong and just being out in nature with no real need to look at the clock.

So not a good start to the week, but certainly a very good end to it. That and an extra day means a long weekend. All reasons to be cheerful. 🙂

Last night was Chameleons and we were quite busy. I think as vaccines uptake has increased, folk feel more comfortable heading out again. Compared to the quiet evenings of the Fab Four, this was more the Discotastic Dozen. As Val pointed out, the new room puts us more together as a group, whereas previously we’d often end up as three or four Islands of conversation. I am going that gives us more of a sense of togetherness.

Outfit wise I react quite sure what the weather would do around temperature, so it was a case of taking extra layers (perhaps heeding Sue’s advice on footless tights + leggings 🙂) and wearing my favourite wrap dress from yesteryear.

Just a case to decide what to do over the weekend. Whatever you get up to, I hope it goes well.

L x


  1. I recognise that dress! Your toes are very fab (as are t’other nails). And, of course, you have a sound appreciation of leggings/footless tights in cooler weather. You have had a wise mentor!

    So glad things are picking up at Chams. Fingers crossed life there (and elsewhere) gets back to normal as soon as safely possible. Fingers (and smart toes) crossed for you.

    I didn’t comment on your algorithm post. A good satire, if an angry one, as have been a lot of your political posts this year. I do not blame you in the slightest for being angry. I am furious with the state of things, which is why I have reduced commenting on such justified posts here and elsewhere. So I think that, whatever the reasons for lousy moods may be, you did the right thing in taking a day out. In our family we call it Goofing Off, when you just get fed up of the pile-up of stuff to contend with. Some call it an OFI Day, which is very rude but means something along the lines of Oh Bother It. Glad it was good and restful and a good start to your weekend. Hope next week is better.

    Sue x

    1. I think I’ve had this dress since the early 2000s. As it’s from New Look, it’s a bit short, so it has to be worn with leggings. The extra tights are only needed if you’re nesh 😉

      Yes, the political situation around how transgender people – and indeed other non-rich, non-white, not-male folk – are being treated by the current administration is deeply frustrating. It seems any suggestion that things could be better are met with indifference at best and denial/spin otherwise.

      But, on to more positive news. 🙂 The numbers at Chams are certainly up and it was great to see some new folk, recently joined, and the old guard all mingling together.

      I think I may take up the OFI acronym for later! 😁

  2. I’m not well because I just died… in a dream. I didn’t think that was supposed to be possible. It was a bit annoying anyway. Glad your week ended better 😉

    1. If you’re an undead, unfeeling entity, you could be a shoe in for certain political roles 😉

      Isn’t dressed in a dream supposed to represent rebirth and significant change? I would hope that for you, rather than the alternative! ❤️

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