As the clock marches on and the weather warms, I feel us moving ever closer towards the close of long trouser weather. It’s a slightly tricky time, at least for me, in that I’m both enjoying the brighter sun, the bloom of nature, and then there’s the tinge of regret around the leg situation.

Stealth on the left. Right on the right.

I know that as late spring arrives, I must stop all leg maintenance and – if you will – re-fur for the summer. It’s been a good run from September to March, so it’s good to look at what I’ve had, rather than look at the return. It’s a slightly odd situation in that in the autumn months I’m thinking i hope these stay smooth for a while and now it’s more a case of well, let’s hope it’s grown back for summer 🙂

Mind you, I don’t know if it’s age or occasional epilation, but the outside of my legs have gone quite smooth. Fingers crossed such hair-loss continues eh? 😉


    1. It’s a valid idea, Anon. I’m not one for hot weather – I blame by Celt/Nordic genetic heritage 😉 – so fingers crossed it’s not a very warm summer.

      Perhaps that’s why we need to come together over Climate Change 😁

  1. I read this post a while back but my comment has only just formed in my slow brain. That’s what comes of cutting down on caffeine! I assume you have reasons for not wanting people to see your smooth legs, presumably it ‘outs’ you. As far as friends go, I find people pretty unobservant, especially men. As for kids or family, maybe just saying ‘I prefer it this way’ to any enquiries covers the issue. Or take up competitive cycling – they’re all smooth there! I can tell how much happier you’ve been since you started defuzzing and maybe feeling good is worth more than conforming? Sue x

    1. A reduction in caffeine does seem to aid sleep and perhaps not being wired into the fast lane is good for us on various levels. 🙂

      I’m not one for any type of competition I’m afraid. Perhaps online gaming where we all work against the computer, but that’s another story. Besides being on the streets in bright Lycra clothes at my age….. and then taking up cycling as well 😉

      Jokes aside, I think I know what you mean. It’s a complicated social situation of my relationship with the Ever Lovely Mrs J, family (both kids are teens and parents are “totes embarrassing!” 😉), and there’s the eventual return to work.

      The above feel like I’m making excuses and perhaps I am. There is an impact to my choice and if I can bottle things up for the next few months, I think I’ll be okay. I guess I’m trying to have my cake and eat it.

      I am reminded of something a therapist once said, in that in the attempt to smooth things with others to help things go well, had I forgotten myself? I would add two things to that. One, I’m not that selfless and I feel a therapist can only go on what you say. Perhaps I am blind to some of my behaviours, so they were not raised in the sessions. That was probably a decade or so ago now.

  2. I have discovered that I can bleach my leg hair in the summer with a “creme bleach”. Then, if I wear skin-toned pantyhose (I’m white), the hair is quite invisible. I have learned that I cannot wear darker colored hosiery because my white hair works its way out of the fabric and is visible. When I wear shorts, people see the hair, if they look. No one seems the wiser. Win-Win!

    Here are blog posts where I write about two products I have tried. I recommend the products that have to bottles of cream. I do not recommend the products that have a powder that must be mixed with a cream because it is too much trouble, and a little mess-causing.


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