A look back – February


How’s the week been for you? Hopefully things have gone well given all that’s going on. Listening to a few friends – trans and otherwise – it seems winter has been a bit of a slog. The continued lockdown, the cold, and the drudge back into work. On the upside, it’s been half term for us at Chez Jones, so I’m very grateful for the week off. Oddly, in still sat in the living room, going on pretty much the same dog walks, and buying lunch from the Co-op. 😁 But, I’m not at work, so I’m free to have a later start to the day. Plus, the Ever Lovely Mrs J and I are free to have longer walks together, so that’s some variety.

Shall we have a look through the YATGB archives? In honesty, perhaps it’s better that I think of myself as genderfluid because there’s not a lot of crossdressing going on. 😁

In 20 and 14 that’s what I call my Compliment Dress. I’ve had it for a fair few years and whatever I wear it, someone usually says something nice about it. It’s length is such that I keep it for when opaques are called for.

There’s no 18 as 19 is practically the same outfit, only opaques in the former and me faking sheers by doubling up on tights. A Pro tip if you can’t keep your pins smooth but want to do something other than sixty dernier. 🙂

The pink dress in 17 and in 15 also needs thick tights as it’s a little short on me. One of the issues of being a tall lady and shopping in the regular section. 🙂

I call 16 my office outfit and that’s a wig that I bought… not quite in haste, but one I felt wasn’t really me. I’ve not had the same ‘umm, not sure’ situation when I’ve bought items from TrendCo (perhaps because Nicola and Steph are so lovely).

There’s two for 15 as the eagle eyed amongst you will have spotted. It’s partly to balance out the symmetry of the gallery (otherwise one photo end up much larger) and also to show two looks. Ignoring the pink dress, the shirt and jeans number was an attempt to a bit everyday / woman-next-door. I think the shirt has since gone to charity. I think I’m more a patterns, flowers, or ditsy print person than checks. Still, it’s good to try something new every now and then, IMO.

In the last two photos, 14 is the Compliment Dress again, although with longer hair. By some odd fall of the calendar – perhaps half term and other factors – there’s a gap in my photos around February. However 11 sees a favourite ditsy print tunic. Now sadly passed on as I was slimmer back then. I think the boots were a gift from a friend.

L x


  1. Ah, Vogue’s long-anticipated lookback at the Lynn Jones Winter Collections that have wowed the runways over the years. I’ve got my copy.

    I love all these outfits. But no 11 is exactly the style I was into in 2011, which shows you have impeccable taste like me!

    Jokey comments aside, you have always had a touch of style that’s pleasing to the eye, up-to-date and genuine.

    Enjoy the half-term break and stay safe.

    Sue x

    1. The half term break has been fab, thanks Sue. A significant amount of loafing about, long walks, and ignoring anything to do with work.

      Who knew the 2011 outfit was very much a look of the time, eh? 🙂

    1. A good question. It’s lurking unpublished at the mo. I think Sue also mentioned it and TBH, it’s slipped my mind.

      Out of curiosity, what is it about those stories in Our Different Journey that piques your interest?

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