No sleet ’til lunchtime


It’s been a blustery few days here at Jones Towers and I’ve certainly been glad of thermals. Okay, you got me, I mean leggings. The main difference between men’s thermals and leggings seems to be a button fly and an extra five quid. 🙂 Those plus jeans and waterproofs for the lunchtime stroll. As a dog owner, you either take them for a walk, or put up with their mad twenty minutes and infrequent reminders (a winge) that they’ve not been out. 🙂 Not that I’d be without them as they’re great company while working from home.

As much as I wasn’t a huge far of the snow driven into my face horizontally, we managed a reasonable walk and despite the weather, it felt good to be out of the house. It’s only a step across the road into the sticks, as we’re quite rural. Not so good during a snow in, but an advantage during Lockdown. 🙂

The regular walk on a well known route is oddly relaxing. Okay, there are days in which I feel a little rushed to get lunch for the family, get in a walk, and be ready for an afternoon of meetings. But, if I remember to down tools at the right time, it all goes to plan. On such days, the pause by the usual trees and bushes for the hounds to sniff and *ahem* update FaceBush, means I can indulge in a favourite pastime of not thinking. 🙂

It’s not so much that my brain switches off – make your own jokes 😉 – but it’s quiet time. Perhaps even not having to think. Outside, my mind is not responding to the chitterchat of notifications, meetings, and emails: it’s time to unwind. On a good day, there’s a chance to reflect on what’s going well or things that I’m grateful for. I seemed to stumble into that idea, only to find that Gratitude Walks seem to be a thing.

Clipart: big socks, Wellies, and thermals FTW

Thursday’s walk was mostly about staying upright in the icey slush and getting home okay. However, despite the cold and the snow, I enjoyed seeing the flurry of white flakes and the simple pleasure of coming back into the warmth.

On the note of simple pleasures, last night was the first replacement call in lieu of a Chams meeting. A few folk joined in and we had a bit of a chat about various things. Going back to something I’ve said before, one of the cool things about the group is being their for each other and it is a community. That sense of belonging and friendship, it’s great and quite probably just what I needed.

Haopy days!

L x


  1. Brrr, I hate snow and ice. Glad that, despite all the restrictions, Chams is managing to stay cohesive and helpful. Frankly, the situation in the Untied Kingdom (that’s not a spelling mistake BTW) seems pretty horrendous. Stay safe and warm. Sue x

  2. I don’t like being cold, but I love winter: especially the snow! There’s something magical about it and wrapping up warm while being in the cold appeals to me. Maybe if I lived in somewhere very snowy, I’d be less keen. 🙂

    The members are doing their best to keep in touch using the forum, email, and the online chats. Not everyone can join and there’s no judgement in that. I am hoping that – as the concession did for me – meeting online fills a gap and helps folk feel part of something.

    Shall we have a bet on how long before Wales and Scotland leave the Union? Oh, and when we’ll rejoin the EU? 😉

  3. I love walking in the snow! This weekend we got 3 hours of snow, and I made sure that little dude and myself were in the dunes when I started 😏

    Dry ground, 1 or 2 flakes at the start, flurri s, snowball fight and tiny snowman built by the time we’d left.

    And freezing from 7.5kms of bitter cold wind from the north sea!

    I so wish I could turn off as you do! When I running or walking I’m still figuring out the issues in the office and answering mails etc!

    Stace x

    1. Hi Stace. Hope you are keeping well. How old is the little dude now? Are they growing up quickly? Top stuff about the snow play.

      Note I said ‘on a good day’ about switching off 🙂 It’s not always easy to step away from the noise and pressures of life. Still, we can only do our best ❤️

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