Today has… not been a little difficult. Not for any great drama or suchlike. Indeed seeing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris be sworn in, is good news indeed. I wish them and their administration luck in turning things around for America.

Can we turn the tap up to eleven? 😉

What it is, it the waters in my stress bucket are lapping at the top. Lots of little things that are adding up and in the usual state of affairs, I’d find a way to turn on the proverbial coping tap and destress. Slight work issues, illness in the family, the effect of home schooling, etc. Unusually, the lack of Lynn time does not seem to be worry. There’s a blessing. Yes, I’m missing my friends at the group, but at least I’m okay plodding along in Richard mode.

The tricky thing is my usual go tos of seeing friends, getting out, shopping (window, real, or ideally for shoes 🙂), and escapism through TV/film are proving to be illusive at the mo. Lockdown and horrible weather conspire to keep me indoors and despite enjoying a few favourites on streaming services, TV isn’t holding my interest at the mo. I think that working into the early evening is not helping and I think I might need to practice the Gentle Art of Saying No. 🙂

Still, Thursday soon, so that means a possible chat with the Chams folk and Friday isn’t far behind that.

Stiff upper lip, old gal. 😉

L x


    1. Yes, thanks, M. The chat helped a lot. ❤️ I think the gallows humour was very much in effect. After folk left to head to bed, I waited to see if our new guest was okay and if they had any questions. Seems they enjoyed themselves.

      Now, to track down a Walkers Pork Pie in the wilds of Nottinghamshire 😉

      Biggest surprise of the night: the suggestion that Americans don’t do meat pies.

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