A look back – October


Despite the global pandemic, insanity of certain world leaders, the world continues to turn. True, slightly warmer and wetter going by reports, but we are still here. So it is that the season turn and the path on my lunchtime walk is now peppered with fallen leaves. Thinning branches hold on to a dwindling canopy, but the gaps to a pale sky competes with the blaze of rich autumn colours.

A lazy Summer day is nice, but I’m not one for hot weather. Spring is welcome after the long Winter, but it’s Autumn that’s in my heart. The darkening days, cooler temperatures, more agreeable fashions, and the long steady drift through half-term and slow-then-rush to Christmas.

With cooler weather and new styles, September and October see a change in my wardrobe choices too.

Okay, so I cheated and there’s two entries for 2018. A party look of a lovely dress the Ever Lovely Mrs J bought me and also a daytime look that makes me feel good about myself. I’m noticing a lot of black – partly Halloween – but also some brights and a few pink numbers.

I did look back into 2010 and I was surprised to see the photo of the book, I Had a Black Dog. That was not a happy time, however, I can look back and say I survived, was helped by more people I can list here, and got through it. Things to be happy for eh? ♥️

L16, I think that was on a party night, so the outfit is a little fancier than usual. In 15, I don’t think I could quite make that skirt work for me 🙂 L14 is my older, longer wig, and a tunic top and boots. Am I having a biker moment? 😉

L13 seems to be holding her tummy in. Given there’s a sheet on the wall, had we had a party at Chams HQ or were we a little more organised for photos? I think I have had my money’s worth with that dress and the tights. I don’t think I’ve worn either for quite a while.

The jumper dress in L12 is super cosy. I think if I’d had it in ‘tall’, I’d be able to wear it as a dress, rather than with leggings. Still, better not too much leg at my age! 😉 Mind you, talking of leg: the bodycon dress in L11 is certainly showing one’s pins! The dress felt fab-u-lous on, although the ruffle running down the front was tricky to get just right.

One photo that didn’t go in was a road test of my Snag Tights from last year. Such a good colour and fit. The right clothes really help lift your mood.

L x

Careful balancing to get the right shot


  1. Wow – you are so photogenic! I have to say I think 14 is my favourite. Everything about that combo is adorable! 😊

    1. A lot of photos get discarded to find the right one. 😁

      Thanks for the kind words, though.

      I did like the look in 14. I’ve still got the biker boots, even if the tunic has been passed on to charity.

    1. She does and that dress was a birthday gift from back in the day. I love Desigual’s designs, although the prices mean I must enjoy them through the glass and not in my wardrobe. But, never one to be easily defeated, Mrs J scored that number in the sale. I think I may need to get it out of the cupboard soonish.

      (IMHO Joe Browns feels similar, just more affordable)

  2. I do like your lookback posts, Lynn. It’s hard to pick a favourite here.

    I personally hate autumn as it’s the dying of the year and the prelude to the cold and misery of winter. I’m a summer girl through and through. That said, the one silver lining is, as you rightly point out, the more agreeable fashions. There’s so much more choice, and since you need more layers, more fun pairing and matching. The smart boots come out and the sparklier accessories, too. So it’s not all bad then 😉

    Wishing you and yours a safe autumn in the current circumstances. Sue x

    1. There’s a lot of history for frequent posters (posers? 😉) or long running bloggers, I guess.

      No need to pick a favourite, IMHO, just enjoy the ride through choices of posts gone by.

      Yes, as much as the warmth of early or late summer can be enjoyed, in afraid in more a cool weather person. To each there own, though 👍

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