When it all goes well


Do you find that there are some days, in which a lot gets done? Not so much the churn of work and the cycle of back to back meetings for the unlucky, but that the Fates smile and you have a day to remember. Thursday was that day for me and I feel very lucky for it.

Thank you TrendCo

A number of weeks ago, I was talking with the Ever Lovely Mrs J about the (now long passed) birthday situation and my lovely partner asked – with a cheecky smile – if there was anything I wanted in the fancy department. Where that is in a particular store, I don’t know, but it sounds ah-may-zing 😁 Camp jokes aside, I said in good faith that I’d not worn the new dress I’d bought in the sale, so I was okay. What I would like was to get a wig restyled and so it was that I booked a morning off work to visit TrendCo in central Nottingham. I guess this breaks the six month gap between visits.

It was good to see our friendly, neighborhood wig experts Nicola and Steph. I didn’t go in Lynn mode, so I had brought wig along in a modified cardboard box with a polystyrene stand in it. Top tip: your wig leaves the salon in tip top condition. In fact, I may keep that going as it saves bundling it up in my Thursday bag.

Oddly, I felt a little nervous about going into town given all that’s going on, but, and you might say ‘as ever’, there was no need for such nerves. It’s been years since I’ve had long hair, so it was a novel and wonderful experience to have a restyle. Steph did an amazing job cutting, shaping, and straightening the human hair wig I bought from them. I know online may be cheaper, but you don’t get the same service nor interaction as you do in a salon.

So, wig in box, I headed home. Well, via the fancy chocolate shop for the Ever Lovely Mrs J. 😁

A Thursday Afternoon Out

Due to careful planning around ready meals – the emergency fall back for all busy parents – I headed off early to Chams HQ. Sue, the Centre’s organiser wanted to go through some COVID19 guidelines and to show me what the plans where around changing the venue’s room layout. I’ll save the details for a post on the Chameleons Forum because it’s more about the group. But I will pause to say this. Sue and the team give us so much help, it’s just awesome. I don’t say this from a bragging point of view, but as a challenge to the maelstrom of negativity that’s certain parts of the media – online and in print. While certain…. bigots – let’s be honest – spout their fear, lies, and nonsense, over in other communities, we’re accepted and made very welcome.

With the updates on guidance and a tour of the building site upstairs, I bid Sue goodbye, handed over a box of chocolates as a thank you, and got changed. Given I’d yet to have tea and the traffic had been okay, I risked a quick trip out to nearby retail park to pick up some supplies.

Mask issues

Perhaps I should’ve adjusted my mask, but never mind. Lessons learned. I’m glad I took my coat as my cardie was three quarter sleeves and with only a vest cami top underneath, you wouldn’t want to be be out in the cold too long. Mind you, the shop mirror is a change from Hollywood Corner, which may be our new name for the Spot on the Stairs at Chams HQ. 😁 After a quick look at the shoes and a trip to Boots, I headed back and got delayed in a short queue meaning Val was left waiting. Sorry Mrs!

We got set up with plenty of time and space to spare, and took up residence on Checkpoint Charlie by the side door. This is to temperature scan folk as they come in, make sure we get personal details, and pop some pennies in the kitty.

There was seven of us as numbers are down as friends self isolate. As an aside, I am hoping the new announcements for Nottingham do not close the door on our support group. Fingers crossed eh?

Conversation wandered and drifted as it always does, and with us spread out in a large circle, we did have more of a unified chat than smaller pockets of one to one chats. People talked about coming out, what being Trans may mean to the younger generation, and what people had been up to while being mostly at home. It was great to catch up and we had a repeat visitor plus a new first time visitor. Lovely to meet new people, so all in all a great night.

As usual, we did socially distanced photos which involves juggling distance, masks, cameras, and hand sanitiser. Not an easy combination, but Hollywood Corner gives us space and we do our best with what we have. I wonder if the new rooms, when done, will have better lighting?

I’d tried to take a selfie in the new downstairs changing room, but the either the lighting, my photography skills, or both, left room for improvement. 🙂

That aside, I am very happy with the new hair. The movement and feel of the human hair wig is truly excellent. What I struggled with – even when people said things kindly – was how it looked on me. Funny how we have a vision of what is really ‘us’ and my old synthetic wig with the highlights just felt like me. Me in that that’s the colour and cut I’d have if I could. Not that a part timer like me would, but hair is part of my identity, even if this is not actually mine. Mind you, neither are the curves, but you do what you can, right? 🙂


So much went on on Thursday. The hair cut, a morning off, feeling valued as a customer, a quick nip out, quality time with friends, and feeling the love and support of my dear partner. Certainly a day to count one’s blessings.

L x


    1. Thanks Charlotte. I think this is my goto ‘professional person’ outfit. I don’t often do pastels, but I’m loving the mint green of the top against the red skirt.

      Perhaps not best to match with an orange top in case I’m mistaken for a traffic light 😉

      Felt good to be out after so long, if only for a short stint.

  1. Love the new do Lynn. I like the color too. It really frames your face well. Pretty outfit too.

    I have a blonde human hair wig, nearly the same length but now I have actual real blonde Covid nearly the same length! That’s what happens when you haven’t had your hair cut in nearly a year! This is the longest my hair has ever been. Alas…..it’s not styled. More of a Tom Petty look I suppose.

    Hollywood Corner……got to ponder on that. Somehow, to me, that stair landing should be more related to London.

    Calie xx

    1. Thanks Calie. I’ve had the wig a while, but the length wasn’t quite right. The colour is darker than my natural hair – what’s left of it 😁 If you’re not sporting a similar look, I hope the upkeep isn’t too much of a faff. Still, Tom Petty had a cool look, IMHO.

      Re stairs: London Cornering? With apologies to The Clash. 😉

  2. What a lovely day Lynn no wonder you are smiling in the last photo! This must have really given your inner self a welcome boost, so well done enjoy the moment…………

    1. Yes, thanks Andrea. A series of fortunate events eh? Ack! That may have been a better title, but so it goes 😁

      I didn’t have any expectations about the day, just hoping things would mostly go okay. Instead, it was all very positive indeed. A fine set of memories to look back on.

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