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While fumbling through the posts of yesteryear for a look back at August, I bumped into a few memories. One and not a good one by the look of it was from the early 2010s. It was clearly – at least clear with 20/20 hindsight 🙂 – an episode of a visit if the Black Dog. As much as the words in that old post are mine, I’ve no recollection of that day and perhaps that’s a good thing. I also know I’m free of that particular…. curse? condition? So reasons to be cheerful as the great man once said.

So memory is a funny thing. Not just because my is all over the place, but in the words of Leo, one of the characters from Humans (an excellent sci-fi show from C4 currently on Netflix), we’re not designed to remember everything. I’ve not put that as a quote….. because I can’t quite remember what he said. Sheesh 😁

Other than this blog, regular readers will know I keep a Happiness Diary. Each day I try to write three things that have gone well, made me smile, or that happy events. Part of that, other than taking the time to reflect on the good things that have happened in the day, is also that with looking back, I get a reminder of things from last week, last month, etc. Double the win.

According to my memory box app, last year I made a trip to Bridgford to pay in the subs from Chameleons. Thanks to Val volunteering to do an outreach event for a local organisation, the funds were up by 500 quid. That is most unusual, given our training programmes run between 100 to 200 quid as a rule. From that major to the more minor: I bought a very tasty sandwich from a nearby deli, which was quite the treat. I should hasten to add that was with my own money and not the group’s. 😉

In other nice news, it seems I bought some favourite heels back in 2014. Yes, black with a band as they are so much easier to walk in. I’m surprised I’ve had them for so long, but then a classic heel does last.

So, while I’m not up to much at the mo – although not being ill is certainly a boon! – I can at least look back and enjoy things that happened.

L x


  1. It’s not been the easiest of years for anyone so I’m glad to hear you’ve got lots of good things to look back on (and even try on!) . We need to keep the black dog at bay. Hope the rest of the week is good to you. Sue x

    1. Indeed, Sue. Lots of social distancing, some isolation, no traveling for a holiday (unless you’re a government advisor 😛), and a lot of disruption to the usual routine folk like.

      Still, we keep on going don’t we. 👍

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