Winging it


A few weeks back, I was listening to colleague talk about their worries. It wasn’t long before they mentioned Imposter Syndrome. Perhaps you’ve had a visit from this irksome whisperer: they will find you out, they know you don’t know, everyone’s on it except you… It was mentioned in the Chams forum by Midnight, and that jogged my memory of the above.

Like many folks, I’ve felt the proverbial whisperings. When I’m writing this stuff, when I’m working with the team at work, or when I get ready in Lynn mode. Before heading out, my hand has waivered by the handle: am I ready to face the world? or who am I to lead a talk on being trans?

There are times when that doubt comes. Sure, maybe it keeps my feet on the ground, but left unchecked, it seems more interested in stopping me completely.

Frankly, Imposter Syndrome can knickers. Take a step back, take a deep breath, and raise the two fingered British salute, to that ne’er-do-well. 🙂 Bonus points if you blew a raspberry noise as you did so. 😀

The truth is, or perhaps more accurately, in this blogger’s opinion, most folk are winging it. They’re reacting oftentimes, or relying on their past to make sense of the future. In not judging here, I’m observing. Judging would be saying that anyone who says they’ve got a plan, hasn’t been poked in the ribs by reality. 😉

So flippancy aside, I think there’s a truth in the old film quote. That’ll do, Pig… Yes. Whatever you’ve tried your hand at, it’s a start. You’ve got something done and if it isn’t 100%, that’s okay. You have started and each step is an opportunity to learn and progress.

For me, I take a breath, turn the handle, and walk out. Sometimes you just gotta go. 🙂

L x


    1. Ha ha! 😁 No, guilty as charged. Caught making it up in a built up area, and with intent to pass it off, as if I knew what I was doing. 😜

  1. I agree completely Lynn, on my very first evening out, I had got myself ready in the hotel room, checked myself in the bathroom mirror a few times, well lots of times, then checked I had every thing – again, then got to the door, I’ll just give it another five minutes then another five minutes, all sorts of thoughts were going through my mind, what if there is someone in the corridor, what if they laugh at me, what if they make a comment, what if………. I then pulled myself together and remembered what a friend had told me, hold you head up, smile, take a deep breath and go for it. And so I did. Later someone remarked that going out must be a regular thing for me as I was so confident walking through the hotel reception into the bar. ….I wan’t I was almost shaking in my heels!

    As you say sometimes, you just have to go for it!

      1. The first time I walked out of that hotel room, I was trying to look confident, so at that point I was faking it, I have walked out of that room many times since and been confident each time, although with a twinge of nervousness. So am I faking it? I think the real point is not if you are faking it, it’s having the willpower to fake it in the first place.

        1. Indeed. Perhaps the trick is the doing. However you get there, maybe that doesn’t matter. The key is you’ve found your mojo.

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