Long time readers will know I’m not on Twitter, Facebook, etc, although I do pop up on Reddit from time to time. You may have seen the long term story around J K Rowling’s tweets and allegations around her support of gender critical views. I’m not going to go into that here.

What I am going to mention, is Daniel Radcliffe’s article over on the Trevor Project. Frankly, it is a beautifully written, positive, and supportive piece. Its eloquence lies in what the much loved Harry Potter stories mean to young fans, some of which may be somewhere along the Trans spectrum, and how such a discussion around the author’s views may be affecting their love of the stories.

Given what is going on in the world from certain world ‘leaders’ – yes, the quotes are there for a reason 🙂 – seeing such a message gives me hope. Hope that allies are there and able to use their privilege to give a platform to help and support those without. Be more Dan ♥️

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  1. Ha! You anticipated my posting the same comments by Daniel Radcliffe. I read his statement yesterday and I was more moved than I have ever been by an ally’s words to us. I knew Joanne Rowling a bit when I was younger (we studied together) and was pleased to hear of her success later (not least as writing rarely pays authors well). Naturally, I have been dismayed at her increasing transphobia, not least as she’s otherwise good at attacking Trump and similar parasites. So this is a welcome boost to us. Thanks, Daniel, and thanks to you too, Lynn, for linking to this. Sue x

    1. Well, as you say, it’s a very moving article. Just because I’ve mentioned it, please don’t let that stop you sharing your thoughts and getting the article further.

      No, the working author is rarely well paid…. and yet again, BME and/or female writers are frequently paid less to boot. ☹️

      Perhaps JKR will change her views in time, who can say?

  2. Thank you Lynn for posting this, I would not have seen Daniel Radcliffe’s lovely article otherwise. As you say well written and I think entertaining. It is nice to see support from someone who is in a prominent position. I would urge everyone to read the article, I would also suggest that they also read the guide referred to in the article, although aimed at youth, it applies to all trans people and the advice it contains could be very useful to anyone trying to explain their selves to friends or family.

    I somehow think JKR will not change her views, bearing in mind this morning as I write this, she is in the news again ……….

    1. Glad to hear it was a good read, Andrea. I’ll go back and have a look at the other resources.

      I guess there’s an issue with expressing your values when you’re in a position of privilege. That or you have a legacy of work. I do think there’s a risk that some readers will be affected negatively which is a shame. Still, perhaps there’s always a chance a person may learn and grow.

      While it’s not quite the same, I thought it was interesting to hear Matt Lucas say that if Little Britain had been written now, there were things they’d not do.

      1. I think you are right there is a problem with people in privileged positions expressing their opinions. They are of course entitled to their opinion, as is every one. However, when they express their opinions through the likes of social media it will generate a lot of attention, if that opinion is regarded by many to be offensive, there will be a backlash. I don’t go on social media at all, but i think if these people adopted a socially responsible “think before you tweet” attitude, this sort of thing would be less common.

        As regards Little Britain, it was a bit near the mark when it was being shown on the BBC, but they just about got away with it, but the world moves on and attitudes change so a similar program could not be made today. A little while ago I watched the first ‘Crocodile Dundee’ film on the tv. I remember seeing it at the cinema when it came out and found it very entertaining. But on seeing it again more recently I was not so impressed. There is a scene in a pub in New York in which Dundee grabs a transvestite between the legs to confirm that she was “a bloke’. I laughed at it in 1986, I was sickened and horrified at seeing it today, even though I knew what was going to happen. Sometimes we have to take things in their historical context and accept some things were ok then. But in this case I feel it could have been done in a better and more responsible way and still have been funny. It was after all a sexual assault. The way they portrayed the trans person was not exactly good either.

        1. The 80s were not a particularly sympathetic decade to any minority, IMHO. Where do we draw the line in saying “that’s not okay” or “well, it’s of its time”? Katherine Ryan observed that her own teen daughter was confused by the reveal scene in Ace Ventura. “Why are they being so mean to that lady?” she asked.

          Perhaps those who use social media – and I’ll be kind – are pushing what they feel is okay. In the case of JKR, perhaps she feels threatened by the narrative around safe spaces changing. I’m not saying I agree and this may be speculation on my part.

  3. Well done, Harry
    Hermione (Emma Watson)
    Luna (Evanna Lynch)
    Ginny (Bonnie Wright)
    Cho (Katie Leung)
    Newt (Eddie Redmayne)

    I’ve been boosting this as “entire HP cast tells JKR to f**k off”, which obviously isn’t really true. All the same… 😉

    1. Yes, I think the more things are shared and explained, the deeper the hole. :-/

      I did read the essay. Well, until I got to the term Rapid Onset Dysphoria and references to research that has been refuted. I remember reading a scientific take on the date and how the ‘researchers’ did not follow good practice and this lead to bias in the results. Still, never let evidence get in the way of an opinion eh? 😁

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