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It was Father’s Day last weekend and of the various labels attached to me: Dad is one I wear comfortably. Perhaps not easily as being a parent isn’t always an easy task. Rewarding? Oh hey much so, but like anything in life that’s worth it, oh baby you gotta work 😁 I’m not complaining, I love our two dearly and setting them grow and change is, well, a pleasure.

Being someone betwixt the poles of gender and an outlier in bloke culture, I’ve never really been sure on where I might fall as an influence. I guess being the way I am – even if I keep some of it secret – I hope that being nonjudgmental and supportive of our kids’ choices, around gender and sexuality, that they feel loved. Loved no matter who they love or how they wish to identify.

With lockdown still on, both children said that had not bought me anything and – as I’m saying to you – it’s not about that. I don’t need anything: a hug is lovely, a homemade card a true gift as it’s made with thought, and a cup of tea? Well, no luck on that front, but I can dream right? 😁

Wee Man gave me a four cue cards wrapped in an impromptu envelope. What he’d written, was personal and brought a tear to my eye. Little Miss, has turned her artistic talents – and biting wit – to draw a cartoon of a shared family joke. Beautiful in different ways, but beautiful none the less. I’ve photographed those moments and put them in my happiness diary. Moments to look back on and enjoy later.

For my Dad, a lovely gentle fellow who’s isolating for health reasons, I bought him a treat hamper. Yes, that’s a purchase and not homemade. However, they don’t live close and we don’t want to put them at risk. I’m hoping he and Mum will sit in their garden shed, sipping the posh coffee and nibbling through the various biscuits that were packed in.

L x


  1. There’s a lot of love and support in your family. That’s a nice thing to hear of. Wishing you all well and fingers crossed that your parents can get back to normality unscathed soon. Sue x

    1. Thanks Sue. The good news about my folks is that the distance is keeping them safe… and us safe from Mum’s *ahem* adventurous approach to catering 😛

        1. Listening to folk over the years, it could’ve been worse, food wise!

          It was okay most of the time, give or take a adventures. Still, there’s always cereal 😁

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