A look back – June


Shall we do the thing we do when the odds seem stacked against us? No, not go the pub and wait for it all to blow over, but top film nerd points if you went there. 😁 Instead, a wander through the nostalgic halls of outfits of yesteryear. How long has it been since my last time as Lynn? Not sure my brain can work that out 😛

Oddly, June seems to be quite the hit and miss month, so there are a few gaps.

L19: I love that maxi skirt. I bought a pink and white one in the previous summer and it didn’t quite fit right. The black and flowers one, plus a vest top and kimono sheer seemed to tick all the boxes. Perhaps something to look forward to post lockdown.

L17 seems the return of that top and it seems I’m channeling nonexistent Italian blood with those sunnies 😉 L13 is shorts rather than 17’s classic black skinnies.

L16 & L14: two years apart and the same outfit. Still, getting my money’s worth on those wide legged trousers.

L12: I loved that tunic dress. Sadly, as I’ve widened with age, it did not widen with me 😉 Still, some things are too be enjoyed in their time and regifted for another when done.

L x


  1. I love your look back posts! Better than reading “Elle”!

    That 12 look suggests you have exceptionally long legs. Blimey! You could make money with those! And the top in 14 and 16 is very much my style so it’s a thumbs up from me. Your shorter hairstyles work well for you but I do like the longer one in 14 too.

    As I always say (and I’m gonna say it again), your style is authentic and up to date. Like a normal woman – none of this suspenders-on-show stuff so beloved of so many in our community. Look and learn, people!

    Looking forward to summery July’s post.

    Sue x

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Sue. I think when our community post photos, it shows not only the looks we like, but… I’m struggling to get the right phrase, here 🤔 I think it shows the everyday: what clothes and styles look like for regular T* folk, and not the unobtainable from a glossy magazine.

      Looking at the outfit choices, with the exception of the maxi skirt, the rest are all jeans, leggings, or wide legged trousers. I do miss the latter. They were cool in the warm evenings and felt lovely on.

      I think the style of top in 12, with the combination of leggings plus heels, gives that illusion. I think my inside leg is 34″and I’m just over 6′ tall.

      The black top was a hand-me-down from the Ever Lovely Mrs J and seems to work with a vest top underneath. Good for keeping cool and covering up a little too.

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