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So, how are things? Have you managed to avoid cabin fever as well as COVID19? 🙂 The sun is out, the birds are singing, and, NO! GET BACK INSIDE! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!! 🙂 Ahem… well, we’ll just have to do our best to stay sane eh?

We may not have a bus service or a shop out here, but the Jones Crew have a number of rural routes for our daily stroll. I say our, but the kids seem happy to stay inside with WiFi, snacks, and remote gaming with their mates. You have to pick your battles 🙂 To be fair to them, they’ve done really well keeping up with school work, so with it being the Easter Holidays, it’s time for a break.

Due to travel – and very sensible too – well be going to two very select European destinations: Top-o-garden and the Costa del Shed. The former is in the south and untamed wilderness. Apparently you can see pheasants and the famed Nextdoor Cat in the underbrush. After that, we’ll enjoy the sun by El Shed and maybe a coffee and a biscuit. Best to pace oneself these days 🙂

In other midweek news, Andrea has sorted out another interview. Some pushy bird from You’re Always Talking Gibberish Blog “volunteered” herself 🙂

On a more serious note, I think getting such posts out there is a good thing and I’ve read each personal story with interest. There’s a number of interviews as well as Andrea’s thoughts on things T* related. So, thanks Andrea for your patience and also being kind enough to run through the questions with me.

I think that having a collection of personal stories help show the diversity of our community, puts a person to the narrative, and helps us feel, well, we’re not alone. It may well be that we all need a bit more community these days.

Do pop by blogs and say hello. A like button is cool and comments may spark conversation. Feedback and put a little joy into the world.

Take care & stay safe,
L x


    1. Ha ha 😁 Yes, just what day is it?

      Given more time working remotely, I thought I’d try my hand at writing twice a week when the mood takes me.

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