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Over the last few months, I’ve been listening to a podcast called Dice Will Roll. It features for people who are all somewhere in the LGBTQ+ mix and they are playing through a pen & paper roleplaying game called Pathfinder. I am really enjoying the fact that the setting has been unashamedly tweaked to be LGBTQ+ friendly and that really monkeys about the traditional fantasy setting…. and if I’m honest, some of the clichés that litter all genres.

I could say I’m a closet nerd, but my previous posts about computer gaming, love of science fiction, and RPGs, well, it couldn’t be more obvious really 🙂

Why am I talking about this rather good podcast on this blog? Well, I’m about thirty episodes in and the person who organises the games, Derry, has come out as genderfluid. Good to hear that someone else is finding themselves and being cool about it.

Derry sent on to say that on listening to other gamers, certainly those who later came out as being in the trans community, that in playing a character that was a different gender to them, that it was a realisation that this felt right to them.

I would say that was my experience too. In the 80s and 90s when I still gamed, having a female character felt right. There was something about being treated that way that felt right. I know it was only a game and it was all made up, and still those feelings of being okay persisted. Funny, even now when I play a computer game, if there’s an option to play a female protagonist, that’s my go-to choice.

Other than me ticking the box of another weekly post, what’s the takeaway from any of this? Maybe it’s games that let us try different things. See how things are when reality doesn’t apply and explore that outcome. I think finding solace in that when you need that is quite the blessing.

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