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By all that is glamorous and fine, it’s been a busy week for Yours Truly. A fair bit of travel around Nottingham and a lot of presentations. Not about T stuff, which would have brought some welcome pennies into the Chams’ piggy bank, but work related. On the upside, it made the week go quickly, the team got lovely cool feedback, and it’s also Friday night.

As I’ve blogged about previously, I find the magical promise of the weekend particularly strong on a Friday evening. For me, there’s something about three nights and two days in which there’s a lot you could do. Even if some of it will be shuttling Wee Man to see his friends, or the Ever Lovely Mrs J and I walking our dogs, while Little Miss stays home to read a book. For Mrs J and I, it’s a time to talk, and have some couple time. All reasons to be cheerful.

So, why the title for this week? With it being the new decade, I had a quick look through the YATGB archives to see what was going on ten years ago. Although the true and accurate date when Chameleons started seems lost in the proverbial, it seems the group were certainly up and running by 1980. The celebration was in May, but who knows what the exact date was.

Oddly enough, a few years back the Chams’ inbox received an email from someone saying they had been there for ground zero – so to speak – and they said this was more around 77 / 78. I’ll have to take their word for it, although – and perhaps like the Queen having two birthdays, we have an official celebration in May each decade. Given that, Chams had a 30th ten years ago, and even a Maths numpty like me can work what happens next. 🙂

Wow. Forty years. I’d have been at primary school when some like minded folk got together and decided to make a social group. I knew back then that little boys weren’t supposed to like pretty things and if you were soft, well, expect some verbal unpleasantness or, if you were unlucky, some physical too from the less enlightened boys. How times have changed now when I listen to my kids and how they talk about their classmates being out. It’s a different and a better time. I wonder what it’s like to be a teen and somewhere on the trans continuum today? Get in touch via the contact form if you would like to share. 🙂

I wonder if the original organisers knew how many people there decision would help or how long they thought the group would run for? All I can say is I’m glad that they did and that each generation of caretaker keeps things going for the next round volunteers. I think that’s all we can do: look after things and do our best for the next round of folk.

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  1. Wow, that’s a wonderful thing, to have been going since the crazy ’80s (or even the zany ’70s). The group I mean (though well done you for going on that long, too). We cannot know when we start something, however small, just how beneficial it may become, how many people it may touch in however large or small a way. So well done to Nottingham Chamaeleons. And to you, Lynne, for all you do for the trans community in your local area. Every little helps, says a well-known philosopher of our time. Wishing you another forty years and more, or until such groups become unnecessary when trans life will be normal and need no support or help. Sue x

    1. Thanks Sue. I guess we may never know the true start date of the group, so we just make do with what we do know. 🙂

      I suppose those folk back then were just doing what they could to start something that worked and somehow, it’s kept rolling on. One set of people getting by and lots of others helping our along the way.

      Thanks for the props and I who knows what the next forty years will bring. Fingers crossed eh?

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