The Xmas Do

Last night was the Chameleons Christmas Do. Despite the best efforts of serious traffic issues and the General Election* being on, somehow a few brave souls made it through. We were missing a few regulars due to illness or the Curse of the Clashing Office Party. I did notice a number of partners had come as well and that made me happy. I think that it lets them talk, swap experiences, and see what it’s like at the group. Maybe we’re not a just social & support group for T folk, but for their families too.

[ * That’s the last reference to any politics in this post I promise 🙂 ]

I was, as I said to Val, a bit nervous about the event. I guess this was because I hoped folk would have a good time given the work the group had put in. It’s very much a team effort when it comes to our social events. Given the previous work in the year around funding and training events, we were able to make the party free and take the hit on the finances.

Everyone had made an effort to look suitably fabulous. I felt happy with my dress – it was really a case of third time’s the charm – and I managed not to make a mess of applying my lashes this time around. Practice, practice, practice, Lynn! 🙂 Also, ignoring breakfast cereals and sticking to a salad, rather than the heavily processed bread from work seems to have helped me stay on the right side of size 16. All reasons to be cheerful.

Anyhoo, the earlier nerves were unfounded – thanks Worry Gremlin (!) – as we had enough people, enough food, and the right amount of Christmas Cheer to keep us going. BTW, I don’t mean booze. 🙂 The only alcoholic thing we had were a set of cherry liqueur chocolates that the Centre staff had been kind enough to gift us with. I caught up with a few people, then did my hostess routine of taking the mince pies around. It got me circulating, meant the food got eaten and hopefully gave an opportunity for conversation.

After making a biggish dent in the fuddle, we mingled, chatted, and a few of us split off to go dancing. I hadn’t planned a playlist, but a certain music streaming service came to the rescue. No free advertising tho! 🙂

Things started to wind down around our usual closing time and everyone pulled together to clear up. It was time to say our goodbyes, exchange hugs, and wish each other a merry Christmas. All in all, a very nice way to end the meetings before next year.

Take care,


  1. Oh Geez… WordPress girls make it so difficult to file a comment 🙂

    Love the dress. I thought to myself….size 16? She looks smaller than that. Then I remembered that things are different across the pond. I looked the UK-US dress size cross reference and we’re the same! Size 12 here. Well, not sure now, after the US Thanksgiving holiday about that size 12. Ask me….perhaps in February.

    Calie xx

    1. Sorry about the comments faffing, Calie. It’s a bit of a work in progress. This might be better via email, but what was your issue/barrier to being able to post a comment?

      Susie had commented on another post earlier, so it seems her reply came up straight away whereas yours was in the moderation queue. If the same thing follows for you as Susie, your next comment won’t need to be approved. Fingers crossed!

      Yes, UK size 16 seems to be a US 12. Ask me again after Xmas 🙂 Good luck shifting the Thanksgiving extra trimmings ;-D

  2. Hi Lynn
    Not sure whether my reply using the Facebook log in worked. It seems to have stalled.
    Lovely dress and the smooth pins work well with those shoes. New hair? Glad you had a great time.
    Love Susie

    1. Not seen anything in the logs, Susie, so I guess Facebook stuff may not be the way to go. :-\

      TBH, it’s a choice between using the traditional comment option where you just pop your details in and I approve, or you activate comments for Google/FB/Wordpress. I’m not overly fussed either way, so long as it’s easy for folk to do.

      Thanks for the kind words re the dress and the look. I felt very special in it and what a lovely way to see out the last meeting.

      I did do a bit of research about what to team a little black dress with. It seems nude house is the way to go as opaques means too much black. Nice to have a choice at the mo.

      Oh, and yes, new hair. This was via TrendCo and it’s human hair. It feels a-may-zing and the movent is different to that of synthetic.

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