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If I’m honest, I’m struggling a little with this evening’s post. Not that there’s any particular big news, lack of inspiration, or suchlike; I’m just, well, tired. 🙂

Last night was a good night out to Chameleons and I was out of the door early to pick up a few groceries (aka snacks) for the Ever Lovely Mrs J. The evening went well with catching up with some familiar faces and some new folk too. We had a Bring & Buy sale and that helped top the funds up a little.

The tiredness is down to our new pooch needing to get up multiple times in the night, while the older hound looked at me as if to say it’s too early for this nonsense and he went straight back to sleep. Still, the new hound only woke up twice, so there is that to be thankful for and as it is Friday, I can sleep in a little on Saturday morning.

I wasn’t late back from Chams and perhaps the rushing around of getting there, getting changed, sorting out Bring & Buy stuff, making notes for the Xmas Party next time, and trying to get everyone out of the building before 11pm, was a little much. Luckily my partner in crime, Val, was on hand as ever to assist in locking up.

I guess… I guess it’s more the tiredness talking than any level of dissatisfaction. I’m really grateful for the friends I have at the group, for the group itself, and for being able to do something that – perhaps in some small way – helps play things forward for our little community.

Maybe it’s feeling the pressure of trying to get everyone out by closing time and get changed and get home before midnight that jars a little. I am hopeful that there will be a little downshift in the urgency around home and work, so I can engage in a small amount of skiving to help keep my metaphorical mood batteries suitably recharged.

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  1. Hi Lynn

    The site looks nice. I don’t know if it the font or line spacing, but it somehow looks more …open and clean (not that I’m saying you had a dirty blog before.. )
    If this comes back to you you’ll know I can comment. One slight concern is that comments require a name and email address and when you first click in the Email* box then it shows ALL the email addresses it can find in your accounts. One careless slip and you’ve just sent your work login to the site.
    Some WordPress sites have a button that can specify your are replying with your current Facebook, Google or Twitter account, or that you have a WordPress account or Gravitar.

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