Don’t make eye contact


With a bit of luck, the Jones Crew will be working our way around Europe on our summer holiday. The thing is, I find that as I’m getting a little older, I worry a little more about the What If. of it all.

What if we miss our flight? What if the hotel we’ve booked is closed? Just, well, silly worries really.

As the Ever Lovely Mrs J would say, you only have to do one step. All we need to do is get to the hotel down south. Then, just be up on time to get to the airport, and so on and so on.

I do my best to listen, but it’s not always easy. Perhaps it’s because there’s four of us and if I’m going somewhere new to me – like another country – my worries play up a little more than they should.

But, the crazy thing is I’m happy to drive most places and compared to flying, cars are statistically less safe. Plus, I sometimes go our in ‘Lynn Mode’ and we know that being openly LGBTQ+ can leave you to being attacked. Again, risk.

Perhaps I need to think of the travel along the same lines as T stuff. What I mean is, feel the fear and do it anyway. What if someone sees me out? What if I bump the car while out? What if I can’t get home to get changed in time?

All those worries could become barriers if I let them. Maybe, it’s about nodding politely, not quite making eye contact, and doing what I was going to do anyway.

After all, if I’d listened to The Fear all those years ago, I’d not be married, not have a lovely family, not have T friends, not have a good job, and not have this blog: so the list goes on.

I shall just have to put my metaphorical big girl pants on, take a deep breath, and try to enjoy the ride.

See you in a few,


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