A short one


With the summer son high in the sky and no meetings today, I went to work in shorts. Well, not *just* shorts, I did wear a shirt and trainers too. Standards, darhlink, standards. 😉 Not so much a ‘dress up Thursday’ but certainly a dress down Friday.

The odd thing about clothes is that there are some that feel very different and therefore make me feel different too. My skinny jeans vs bloke cut, a flowing top vs a shirt, a flowing skirt vs… well, okay, you got me. 🙂

Going back to the shorts, I noticed that as I was walking at lunch that the length (just on the knee, natch) meant I had a similar feeling to that of a skirt. I found this a bit unusual given this was a workday and I’m very much in the closet when it comes to employment. Before anyone rings The Daily Heil, it was more a this feels natural because it’s like a skirt rather than the concept that the mere sight of some femme clothing and I’m all of a flutter. Really? No, not really. 🙂

It made me think back to my now regular choice of shirts: usually with a pattern, casual, and bright. Perhaps years of putting up with the corporate male drab* have now been cast aside in an effort to feel freer in how I look, even in bloke mode.

Indeed, I had a brief chat with a colleague from another department as her co-worker complimented her on her new skirt. I did nod and say it was very pretty. That prompted a comment on my choice of shirts and we had a brief discussion about the perils of complimenting people at work. Short version: we decided to be genuine and be kind to each other. 🙂

* Oddly, I’m quite happy to sport a sharp business dress on some Thursdays, so it’s not quite so cut and dry. 🙂

Still, the wearing of things that make me feel okay is another item to add to the list of Things That Help me be Okay.

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