Today has been mixed and there’s a point to this in a mo. I broke my new travel mug (boo) and before home time, I had a meeting with someone I can only describe as an arse of the first order. 🙂 The thing is, I could – and perhaps in previous years – have reflected on the bad things that happened and this would – mais oui – have coloured my view of the day…. and dare I say, not accurately.

So, many moons back, I started to keep a diary for positive stuff. A daily log of three good things that happened to me. I find this Gratitude Diary – I believe that’s the term – really helps.

Rather than think back on the broken – the mug and the travel cup I bought (see what I did there? 🙂 ) – let’s look at the better things.

I paid the money for the group into the community account. That’s propped the funds up with enough moolah to cover another two meetings. We are doing okay in terms of money and this is a worry that’s gone away. Okay, we’re not exactly millionaires, but we are not limping from month to month, worrying that the venue would close its doors on us.

Last night two old regulars – Sarah and Alison – popped by to say hello. We had a good old natter about various things, but Alison mentioned that it’s been pretty much ten years since she first came to Chameleons. She’s transitioned now and you can see she’s much happier in herself. Ali’s a different person to who she was all those years ago, so seeing a friend grow is really cool in my book.

If I think back to today, yes, I could look at the things that had not gone as I’d liked. But, rather than that, what about looking at what was better? The rain let up for a bit, I got to the bank without any major hassle, I had a tasty lunch. I collected my new maxi skirt and its very pretty. That saved me a trip into town looking for one and the Ever Lovely Mrs J was cool about me ordering it too. All of these things are, in my book, moments of goodness to be cherished.

Going back to Thursday’s, I think you could look at my outings as two nights in a month when I’m all of who I am. Or, I could look at Thursdays as a time where I have the choice to appear as Richard or Lynn. Neither is better or worse: just different. Well, okay, my Richard guide is a bit more sweary, but we’ll gloss over that. 🙂 Sure, it’s an effort to get a good shave, pack a bag, but I think the effort – although not always the result! 🙂 – is worth it.

I guess what I’m saying is if there’s any point to this post, is enjoy the moment. Rather than rushing to the next thing or worrying about what might be: just enjoy as you can.

Take care,


    1. Notably in Dead Poets Society which is a real tearjerker but it is not a bad maxim for everyone. A huge shame that Robin Williams had such demons. Love Linda

    2. Indeed. I thought he was an incredible talent. Such a shame to see him go. The world seemed a little less bright when he went.

      If anyone reading this ever feels that low, please, talk to someone and get help. People do care. It might not seem that things can get better, but they do. ♥️

  1. I like the Gratitude diary, but honestly, you can find three things in one day?
    Reasons to be cheerful: one, two three…
    (Did I gift you an earworm?)

    1. Yes, there's usually at least three. The more I've gotten into the habit of looking for the better moments, the easier it gets.

      I think some of the mindfulness courses have helped cement the positive as I try to enjoy the moment and be present, almost just enjoying the event as it is.

      Those good things don't have to be big stuff either. In fact, most of my life is very mundane 😀 It's the little moments like sitting in the sun waiting for the bus, missing the rain by moments, finding something tasty food lunch, stumbling on a bargain, sharing a joke with a friend. Bigger things like a great night out, a trip out of the office, etc.

      I don't ignore problems, but I do use the good news to push back when my brain circles on something.

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