A spell of calm


Last night was Chameleons, so off I popped to see friends and be a little fancier in look than my usual bloke attire. Fancy shirts help, but there are days when only a cute dress will do.

Going back a few weeks, I had promised the group a cream tea, so I arrived with plenty of scones, jam, and – mais oui – clotted cream. We did, of course, have the two most pressing political discussions facing the UK right now:

1. Cream then jam or jam then cream?
2. Do you say scon or skown?

Polite banter ensued around this bit of silliness, which is just how we like it.

There was a slight surplus of goods due to my mistake in picking up a pack of cheese scones rather than plain, but so it goes.

As I didn’t want to do opaques in May, despite the temperature, so I decided to chance wearing my ‘under tights’. These are a skintone, if a little thicker than usual, and usually either semi-opaques or dark chocolate ones go over the top. That seems enough to keep El Wookio beneath. But, with it being May, I felt something more Spring-like was in order. In honesty, I felt mostly happy about the outcome, but as the evening drifted on – and doing waitress duties – I soon forgot about them.

When the evening came to a close and we were all done bar the locking up (thanks Val), it was time to head home. As I walked back to the car, I had the thought: “I feel okay about this.

It was a moment of contentment. Those, I think, are to be enjoyed when they occur. There was no worry about the future; no concern at what had happened; no remorse, guilt, or upset: just, well, being okay with who I was.

On the way home, I thought upon that good feeling and felt how lucky I was to have had it.

Maybe we should have scones more often. 🙂

Take care,


  1. When you say you should have scones more often – do you mean scons or scowns? Got to admit it's a debate that I have little time for. Say it the way you want to say it. Have cream first or jam first – whichever you prefer. Have pineapple on your pizza if you like – and if don't like it then don't. Great to see you're feeling contentment. Still working at one myself!

    1. Provided said comestibles are provided with both jam *and* clotted cream, I'm sorted 🙂 I've former work mates who were very adamant over which East they went. Frankly, I'm just happy we've got the choice and a treat.

      The questions around pronunciation and topping assembly where very much a bit of fun. Apologies if this wasn't very clear.

      I used to say scone as in stone when I was a kid, but I've switched to scone as in gone. So it goes with accents and families.

      As to topping assembly, I'm not fussed. but I tend to apply cream first as if that's cold/thick enough, the jam doesn't squash it. Others may prefer another route.

      Oh and pineapple on pizza? Yes please if with ham. Yum!

      Good luck on your search for contentment.

    2. I still don't know whether it should be 'scon' or 'scown', or which topping should come first. But I'm happy with either.
      And I'm starting to think the same about being S or Susie. I'm feeling okay with this too at the moment. That hasn't always been the case, so I'm enjoying it as long as it lasts.
      Olives with pizza, though.

    3. Perhaps those of us with *ahem* a liberal attitude to gender presentation are less worried about such things 🙂

      Good to hear you're feeling okay with who you are.

      PS: Ham + olive pizza also yum 🙂

  2. >1. Cream then jam or jam then cream?
    >2. Do you say scon or skown?

    This California girl really doesn't have a clue how to say it or exactly just what is being consumed. If does sound really good though!

    1. It's one of those funny, regional, and very British things 🙂 We do love to tease people over here and there's no real right way to say it, IMHO. See also bath as in hearth or bath as in math. 🙂

      If you fancy making some, the BBC Good Food website will have a recipe. Watch out for weight gain tho! 🙂

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