20/20 Hindsight


Given the AI revolution of smarter software and whatnot, I’m wondering how long before we get an app that starts to look for patterns of where things may not go well. You may think I’m talking about a particular political situation in the UK, but let’s not for I will add little to the debate and much has been said about it already. 🙂

On Wednesday I popped home for lunch and let both doggos out to stretch their legs – and more importantly – let them spend a penny outside. While they were sniffing in the garden and enjoying the turn of the seasons, I nipped upstairs and tried on a few outfits. Suitably pleased with some choices – and still loving the smooth pins – I had my bag packed for Thursday.

Cue Thursday night and the Ever Lovely Mrs plus kids decided they’d go the cinema. I was hoping that Little Miss would be somewhat cheered by watching Captain Marvel. Perhaps a post about having a character – film or book – that you can identify with is due, but not today.

As I waved them off, I wondered if I should get changed at home, pack a bug out bag, and then drive to Chameleons en femme. I decided against it wondering if me hanging around might confuse the dogs and what if there was a last minute emergency – like misplaced tickets – meaning a sudden return of the family.

At this point, and in an alternate dimension, my smartphone would have registered the soon-to-be-discovered 20/20 moment: that I’d not packed my makeup. Of course, this being the real world, and perhaps I should learn to do a pre-flight check before leaving, that didn’t happen.

Cue me arriving at Chams with plenty of time and with an outfit all planned… but no slap and no boob tape.

Tis but a crack in the road.
There will be other times.

I sat down in the chair and sighed.

I pondered heading home: probably an hour round trip plus the best part of 40 mins to get changed on site. No, by the time I’d done that, it wouldn’t be far of packing up.

What about going home and getting changed? Well, 30 mins to get home, 40 mins to get changed: how long was the film? No, that was too risky.

So, in the end, I did not slip into something more comfortable. Houston, we have a problem.

Much as my mellow was harshed by not being able to rewind the tension in my head, I did have a lovely evening of chat and laughter with friends at Chameleons. We had a couple of new folk pop along (always nice to see) and a host of regulars turn up too. All in all the business kept me and others, well, busy, and it also helped prop up the funds.

So, if there’s anything I can learn from this, it’s check that I’ve packed things. Ah, it’s only another fortnight to the next meeting though. Tick tock.

Take care,


  1. There's already some of this predictive stuff around. . There's a story Target tell about their coupon algorithm leading to a complaint from a father that they sent his teen daughter coupons for nappies and baby formula.

    And then a follow-up call a few days later from an apologetic father who had just discovered his teen daughter had been more sexually active than he was aware of.

    1. Oops! That sounds like a level of PR gaff equal to Microsoft Clippy. 🙂

      "Based on your family's shopping habits, we recommend this grandad hat" 😀

  2. D'oh!
    I discovered once, when on a work trip, that I had forgotten to pack something vital. Ever after I have had a suitcase list of all the stuff one needs when travelling. Maybe a "Lynn list" is the solution. Sue x

  3. What a shame about the make up. Annoying. And it's probably tempting fate and too many awkward questions by leaving a Post-It note reminder about not forgetting the boob tape on the bathroom mirror the night before so you'll see it in the morning. As will everyone else, unless you you always get up first and remove it.
    ("Mum, what's boob tape?")
    Glad that you had a nice evening in the end.

    1. Boob tape: a media on which you record comments by (insert celebrity name here) 🙂

      Silly jokes aside, all my Lynn things are in a wardrobe upstairs, so having a checklist might be a good idea after all.

    2. You can get all Lynn's stuff in one wardrobe? Truly I need to think about decluttering.
      I have lost the bottom half of a bedside chest of drawers to Susie's, err, drawers and other underthings, half the hanging space in closet, and an increasing (and increasingly untidy) pile of stuff, from shoes, boots and hosiery to coats and wigs in the spare room. But at least absolute secrecy is not an issue as long as it's not left in plain sight.

    3. Time for a spring clean? 🙂 If you do donate things to certain charities, I think the letters they send out saying "your donation raised X pounds" is a great feeling. They get the dosh, you get to make space: what's not to like? 🙂

      So, wardrobe:

      dresses in spread the tall cupboard (full height, half width)
      skirts/tops/trousers in one half of my bloke wardrobe.
      Makeup, shoes, bags – in my junk cupboard/wardrobe near the computer snug.

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