When in doubt, wear something you love


This week I had the good fortune to pick the kids up from school. Usually, this is the job of the Ever Lovely Mrs J, but she was indisposed in having a well deserved day out with Granny J. I popped to one of the shops on the way home as the kids needed a few things for their packed lunch.

On the way in, I spotted two young *ahem* ‘scamps’ (nee: chavs in the making) climbing up a bin and trying to haul themselves on top of the bus shelter. Said structure is mostly plastic and was wobbling precariously. For a moment, I did wonder about taking a snap and passing on to the school.

But, as the shelter continued to buckle, I heard my inner Dad voice say: Ah, I think we’re about to witness a valuable life lesson. However, the Fates – depending on your point of view – did shine on the ne’er-do-wells and the roof did not give way. A lucky escape if you will, particularly as their parent turned up. I assume it was them, unless kids now get into cars that pip their horns loudly and yell out of the window: “Get off that bloody roof!”.

Uber has really let itself down hasn’t it? 😉


Due to an early pass from home, I was early to Chameleons and unusually for me, I had my mind made up about my outfit. I was so early, that for a moment, I did wonder if I had the wrong night. It’s not like that hasn’t happened before. 🙂

Due to ‘working from home’ in the afternoon, I had a spot of luck to try on a new skirt from Amazon. I’ve been after a non-black pencil skirt for a bit, and I thought I had fallen on the right item. Now, it’s either my extra Lynn padding…. wait for it… or the extra Richard padding (non-removable), that means it didn’t fit as I felt it should.

In fact, trying on two other skirts – including a favourite A line / fit & flare number – suggested that either I’m wearing the wrong size or the padding isn’t working as planned. In honesty, this knocked my confidence a little. Still, when not 100%, say yes to the dress! 🙂 Evidence, to your right. Not only does the dress fit well, it has happy memories as it was a gift of yesteryear from the Ever Lovely Mrs J, bless her.

So, while I can gauge if a dress or trouser/top combo works (or not), I seem to have a temporary mojo malfunction in the skirt/top capacity. Maybe the next time TrendCo are in, I’ll quiz their dress expert. That or plenty of Internet research and checking the sizes of said items is in order.

Take care,


  1. Nice dress Lynn, love the colours. I like this style of dress and I have a few of these on my wish list.

    Despite recently running a marathon I've found it difficult getting my weight down and hate my body right now and my extra non removable padding means I'm scared to even try my skirts on at the minute lol.

    1. Thanks, Charlotte. It's by Desigual and I love their designs… but my pocket money doesn't go that far. 🙂 Is your wish list public, BTW?

      Sorry to hear about your weight issues. Is it a winter thing? I'm rather more peckish than usual. Congrats on the marathon tho!

    2. I'm thinking of adding a wish list section to my blog in the next week or two as I'm planning to start blogging regularly again.

      Weight wise, I think it's a mixture of it getting colder but also comfort eating too.

    1. Oh don't we! 🙂

      PS: don't zoom in. It fills the screen somewhat! 🙂 I didn't remember that the dress had quite so many people on the balcony 😀

  2. It all game together after I googled "scamps" and "chavs", two terms that have not made it to California….yet. 🙂

    The dress looks fab on you! And, where did that cleavage come from, my dear?

    1. Hi Calie. So what did you learn about scamps and chavs? 🙂 The latter peaked about 10 years ago, although remains in use. I'm never sure if I should put in something for readers overseas 😀

      Thanks for the kind words about the dress. The Ever Lovely Mrs J bought it for me on a now distant birthday. Desigual clothes are quite pricey, bit bless her, she found somewhere online. So, not only do I love the dress, it has extra memories due to Mrs J.

      As to the cleavage: part genetics, the right bra, fillers, and the all important medical/sports tape…oh, and eating too much gives plenty of raw material 🙂

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