I think I now know what my blogging kryptonite is… or maybe even, are. Namely:

  • trying to write a post after a very tasty meal. All brain power has been redirected to my stomach. Hey, I’m a man, a dad, and over 40. Frankly, it’s touch and go monotasking. 😛
  • failing to write down any semblance of a theme
  • the first gin & tonic in many months
  • Tiredness
  • Any combination of the above 🙂
Hmm. I may just have to wing it. 😀
With the cooler weather now very much in place – and thank all that’s fabulous! 🙂 – it was time to think about transitional dresses. Not quite summer, not quite autumn, but that lovely in-between time. Thinking back on a few of those words from that last line, it now seems obvious that this is my favourite time of year. Still, if the stereotype fits eh? 🙂
Looking in the dress cupboard – and I’ll confess that it’s an 80/20 split between mine and the Ever Lovely Mrs J – I spotted a few numbers that jumped out. Taking out a monochrome number I’d not seen before, I asked: is this yours?
Mrs J raised an eyebrow and a smile: “No, you daft lump, you bought it in the sale.
Ah. Guilty as charged. In that went with a backup outfit, three pairs of shoes, and the rest of my industrial scaffolding that brings all the curves to the lard. 😉
Talking of curves, the new corset is going to take a little breaking in. I was certainly sat up straight for most of the evening.
Tracey – part of the former organising dynamic duo – popped in. Not just to rub it in that she’d retired, the lucky lady, but also to help us out yet again. Due to some issues with the bank, the old account had been put on the dormancy list. However, it seems Tracey is not a lady who suffers administrative fools. Their loss and very much our gain. With a bit of luck, the old account will be merged with the new one. Fingers crossed!
Part of completing that meant sending over some evidence to prove who the group are. Luckily, last week’s nerdery of setting up a VPN has paid off. With help from Nicole’s smartphone for a WiFi hotspot, I managed to connect back home through t’Interwebz and send on the necessary documents. Go team!
After much catching up, time was against us, so it was off to tidy up, take photos, and de-princess back to the land of drab. Thanks to Val for the photo!
In other good news, I saw the lady at Boots who helped me with my brow make-up. She’d received her thank you from the area manager (never let good service go unrewarded, IMO), which is cool. I also asked if she’d be interested in helping set up a make-over night for the group. Again, fingers crossed!
Take care,


    1. Yes, things are going well, thank you Sue. I'm still trying to be mindful about the good times and take the simple pleasure of enjoying the moment.

      Thanks for the kind words (yet again) around my style choices. That's really kind of you to say so. BTW, the dress is from Joe Browns (online vendor) and they have some beautiful pieces. All a bit funky, but in a good way.

    2. Ha ha! Yes, I think that about a number of fashionable designs, but I'm just muddling through. Funny how something I think looks odd can really suit another person. I'm not sure about the tweed urban hipster in a country setting, bit then I'm a 40+ dad who lives in the sticks.

      BTW, if you fancy a laugh at some *ahem* very interesting fashion choices, have a look at Go Fug Yourself. It's a scream.

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