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I was about to write ‘another one of those rare midweek posts’, but if it’s another one, how can it be rare? Hmm. Ah well, best ponder that another time!

With a bit of planning and careful changes to the work diary, my schedule was free to collect both kids…. and have a day out. It’s not that going to Chams isn’t enough, I think it’s more that by being out in the real world, I feel I’m not moving between one closet and another one. I’m now wondering why that feels important, but that may be a post for another time! 🙂

After a few emails and some outfit deliberation, I was pretty much sorted. Now, I don’t know about the rest of you, but when it comes to dressing, I’ve a few things I like to try and balance. Part of it is feeling good about how I look. Does this outfit work? Is this me? Are the clothes too tight? Is this too young or too old? What will other women be wearing?

All of those thoughts flutter about because, and perhaps like most people, I don’t want to look a mess, and I want to blend in. Sure, I don’t want to be beige and disappear, but equally, I just want to go about my day and enjoy the time out. I don’t dress to be looked at or noticed; I dress because it makes me happy and it’s a lot easier to try clothes & shoes on when you’re presenting in the corresponding gender! 🙂

The snap (right) doesn’t quite show the pattern top, skinny rolled up jeans, and flat I decided on. Given the weather warning for strong wind, I opted for my older wig which is slightly less flyaway than the recut one (see last week).

I had toyed with the idea (hoped?) that I could manage a red skirt and low heels with the top, but having looked at the current street fashion, we’re not yet into opaque season. Ah, maybe one day my pins will be smooth, but until then, I’ll just have to work with what I’ve got.

As way of a change, I wasn’t out on my own, as Val had kindly agreed to join me. Diane was scheduled too, but couldn’t make it at the last minute. These things happen! So, it was up to the not-quite-so dynamic duo to wander about, talk, check out the shops, and not terrify the locals. 😉 Sadly, I was late because I had been somewhat ambitious in my ability to get changed and arrive. At least that gave Val a chance to stretch her legs after the journey down.

What did we get up to? Well, we had a look in the sales in New Look. A few maybes in the shoe sale, but nothing I really needed. In fact, I think that was probably the theme of the day. It wasn’t so much a shopping trip to get things, but chatting and shopping rather than being at work. I did find a long skirt in a charity shop which was a pleasant surprise and I think with the right top and long boots, would be spot on for A/W.

Due to the call of Dad Duties I had to call time about 1.30, and while that cut the day in half, it wasn’t a mad rush to get home and get changed. All in all, a very nice day out! Everything is packed away and having stuck with ballet pumps, my feet are thanking me.

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  1. Hi Alexy,

    Thanks for posting question about voice lessons. I tested the link and my antivirus program didn't like the URL, so I've deleted the post.

    To answer your question, in honesty voice work isn't something I have experience with. I would say that there are some excellent YouTube videos on how to get started. Also Reddit can be a good source of community tested techniques.

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