That’s another working week in the bag. Hello, weekend! 🙂

Earlier in the week, a friend recently invited me to a meditation class he was running and I made the effort to go. I’m no guru (no pun intended) but I’m finding it useful, even if I’m not quite as relaxed as I probably could be during each session. Still, at least I’m not nodding off or snoring. Oh, the shame! 😀

So I’m sat knelt on a cushion with my eyes shut. I drift off and just listen to the sounds from outside: birdsong, the wind, and the ripple of water nearby. All quite good and helpful.

As I start to relax more my inner negative voice kicks in and comments about my posture, my weight, that I’m slacking when I could be working, etc. Much as I don’t go around saying “I’m brilliant, me”, how come there’s this voice of negativity running its own troll feed in my head?

I’mm aware I’ve put some weight on and I’m doing something about it. Equally, I know I’m a tallish chap in his mid-40s, so I’m not sure why pointing out my all to present blokiness right now is useful. Maybe the negativity troll and dysphoria dragon can have a ruck? 😉 Who knows!

As the unwanted grumbling rolled on, I decided to take the tutor’s advice and gently bat those thoughts to one side. Sometimes that worked, sometimes it didn’t, but, I left feeling more relaxed than when I went in.

Happy days.

Take care,

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