“Like a lawn that’s seen better days…”

Hair loss.

Now, what did Billy Connolly
say about these?

With the weather slowly turning to Spring, I’m finding I’m no longer sporting the all-important cosy hat. Okay, not a literal cosy but perhaps not far from it. 🙂 Much as it’s nice to feel the sun on my face, I’m sometimes conscious of the feeling of the wind through my lack of hair.

You see *ahem* back in the day, I had long hair. Sure, it was a faff and meant a bit of upkeep, but it was very much part of who I was. Even when I had it cut, that felt more me than if I look at the buzzcut I have now. On bad days it seems like running the mower over a lawn that’s clearly seen better days. 🙂

So, yeah, there’s a bit of a sting in losing my hair when trans feelings come to the fore. But, if I look back, I could never style it in a pretty way and I certainly wasn’t brave enough to have some type of either/or unisex cut either. I dunno, no hair where I’d like it and hair where I don’t want it. You just can’t please some people eh? 🙂

The good news is that with a skinhead haircut, getting a wig to fit is actually pretty easy. I wonder if that’s why they do it? Oh, I’ve misjudged so many people 😉 Talking of wigs, that reminds me, TrendCo are coming in soon. Maybe a new do will be on the cards? Who can say!

Anyhoo, if there’s a point to today’s post I think it’s enjoying what you have, rather than what you don’t. Looking back isn’t going to fix anything. Instead, embrace the future and just try your best. Oh, and don’t go out in high winds unless you’ve good wig tape. 😉

Take care,

PS: I had the good fortune to arrange a training event today. I had to think on my feet as their big screen TV didn’t have an old-school VGA cable. Still, a quick doodle on the whiteboard had five items to talk around. They asked questions, laughed at the right times, and were very engaged. Education, laughter, and being all of me: what’s not to like?



  1. The fabulous Billy Connolly said " never trust a man who, upon finding himself alone in a room with a tea-cosy, doesn't put it on his head"….

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