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Funny how life goes sometimes. A few months ago, I was rather busy at work, rushing to various presentations and finding the day zipping by quickly. At home, things were calm and yet, a few weeks later, matters have swapped around.

Last night we ran a StartUp September event at Chams. This was part bring & buy, to advice session. Along with a few others, I think I was on my feet (in heels) for two, possibly three hours (Maths isn’t my strong point. Ask me one on accessorising 🙂 ). Perhaps I should have gone with the slightly lower posh office style shoes, but hey ho, lessons learned 🙂

I’d bought two boxes of clothes, shoes, jewelry, and wigs that I’d *ahem* ‘invested in’ over the years. I felt rather good at cleaning my closet out of things I liked but didn’t wear. Seems that others were kind enough to do the same for themselves, so we had quite a few full tables. We did manage to jury rig a clothesline at one point. Clearly, I should keep a ball of string with me, as it’s very handy! 🙂

Feeling fab

Towards the end, we had ‘price crash’ to try and shift as much as we could. I think everyone who’d brought things along didn’t want to have to take them back home! That helped a little, and two more of the dresses I’d bought went to Diane and Val for a song. I hope they feel pretty in them. That, IMHO, is the sign of a good outfit: one that makes you feel good about yourself.

All in all, about 2/5ths of the items went, which is good for us. We took in 50 quid on top on the usual subs takings. All of this helps keep the group going and should keep the meeting fees down for a little longer.

I did feel a bit bad about not having brought enough for our trans guys. I had had a good look at home, but there was nothing of mine that would’ve fit. Too damned tall, I guess…. and that’s without heels. 🙂

After all the rushing about, I was glad of a sit down and found Val had found stash of ginger biscuits. Result! Seriously, any company that has a compulsory dress code of high heels for staff who’ll be on their feet all day: just stop. Or, if you can’t manage a full day in fancy shoes, think again 🙂

What we didn’t sell was boxed up and taken to charity shops today by Muggings here. I’m hoping I’ll get a letter from the shop saying how much was raised. Those always bring a smile.

On a personal note, I was very happy with my new dress and I’d managed to get my false lashes on super quick. So quick in fact that I needed a fix it later on. Oops :- Still, who knew that wafting a newly glued falsie under the hand dryer makes it the perfect level of stickiness! 🙂

Money paid in, old goods to charity, a fine fancy night out with friends; what a great way to ease into the weekend.

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  1. Glad it went well, isn't it if you haven't worn it in the past year, anyway my unwanted clothes gradually make their way to some collection bag where they eventually get some wear.

    1. Thanks Lucy. Despite more wardrobe room that I had *ahem* 'back in the day', I think there's a need to get shot of things I'm just not going to wear.

      How else can you make room for new shoes? 🙂

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