Other people


As I walk along the corridors and see others, sometimes the Green Eyed Monster draws her claws. But outside of my head, what’s going on in the minds of others? There’s that phrase “Be kind: You never know what others are going through.”

Back when I was young, when someone asked me that “what superpower would you want?” I’d often say I’d like to be able to read minds. To truly know what someone was thinking. Trust issues anyone? 🙂 Jokes aside, I think it might have been to try and understand if everyone was a messed up as me. I think as I’ve got older, the quick answer is there’s no one normal. We’re still kooky in our own special way.
Jumping back, do the people I pass on the street look on and value my male attributes? There’s FTM guys at Chams, so there must be closet transguys too. If when I go out, do some look on and think I’m brave? For the record, I don’t. It’s the perception of others. Like me, they are looking at another and, frankly, guessing.
So while the misgender menace whispers oh so kindly to point out my perceived shortcoming, what are the negatives others here? Feel free to share yours if you’re comfortable doing so.
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