Despite somehow catching a cold in summer and the lengthy downpours, the British Weather is having a final throw of the dice for sun, wispy white clouds, and pale blue skies. Put away your opaques and boots, break out the sandals and fancy tops one more time 🙂

For whatever reason I had a sting of dysphoria at the start of the week, resulting in a shoe purchase as medication. Like many material purchases, it’s the search that distracts, not the purchased goods. I think I know that you should aim for experiences, not possessions. Still, when you’re on the work-home-work-home treadmill, sneaking in some T time isn’t always easy.

It seems that in times of dysphoric dissonance, I fall back to shopping for shoes. Particularly, a perceived weakness or lacking in my wardrobe. Despite having three pairs of ballet pumps – two of which I’ve gifted to the Ever Lovely Mrs J – I’m still looking for the right pair. Sadly, the leather look size 9s from the local supermarket didn’t fit: too large, yet the 8s are too small. It seems my feet are as awkward as the rest of me 😉

But, looking on the bright side, I did manage to get my toes painted ready for a Thursday night out, and I sorted out a box for our September Startup event at Chameleons next month. That box has shirts, jeans, skirts, shoes, wigs, and dresses that either don’t work for me or no longer fit (Mmm…. Pies 😉 ). The plan behind September Startup is to help out those who are just setting off on their trans journey. I hope we manage to draw a few folk in and make a go of the night! If you’ve any suggestions on what would’ve helped you back in the day, please do let me know. Sharing is caring 😉

Anyhoo, I was caught up at home, what with fetching Wee Man from his mate’s house, and other stuff. This resulted in a call from Pat, who couldn’t get in the Centre, bless her. Usually, the front door is open, as the early shift is taken up by a martial arts group. We’ve never had any trouble with them, and while we don’t socialise per se, we say hi and they’re fine with us. Yay for acceptance eh?

With the cold making a good attempt to raise my body temperature, I was suitably dosed up. Said infection had also gone to my throat, so I was channeling my not-so-inner death metal vocalist. Hell, it’s not like I pass at the best of things, so having the death-growl for conversational tone made me smile at the silliness of the situation. Still, if you can’t laugh at yourself, eh? 🙂

Andrea ran her first Talking Workshop, which I didn’t go to. I was busy talking to a newcomer, Reuben (another transguy – keep coming along please chaps!) and I also wanted to give Andrea & co some space to test things out. It all seemed to go okay, and hopefully, their will be another one soon enough.

With time ticking on, I asked Val if she’d mind doing an earlier than usual photo shoot (see above and left), and I got changed earlier. I had a quick change of top and shoes to road test another outfit, and then it was time to de-fab, and go back to Richard mode.

Oh, I would like to recommend an idea from the Ever Lovely Mrs J. On hearing about me running out of Quickies nail polish remover pads, she suggested this.

  1. Take an old glass jar with a good watertight lid, 
  2. Pop into two sponges so they’re packed in tightly. Make sure there’s a finger sized gap between them. That or use one larger sponge and snip it with scissors.
  3. Now fill about 3/4 to 2/3 full with nail polish remover. 
  4. When it comes to removing your polish, flip back the lid and swish your finger around between the pads. Et volia! 🙂

I’ll be honest and say I was a little skeptical, but on the night it was dip-twist-and-clean. Certainly quicker than having to rub a pad across each fingertip. Result! Mind you, not sure I’ll be using Mrs J’s idea to sort my toes out. 🙂

Take care,

PS: A few trans bloggers have been listed in the Top 100 Trans Blogs by Feedspot. I got an email from a chap called Anuj, which was a nice touch. Congratulations to Gabrielle, Hannah, Jonathan, Nadine, Stana, and – last but not least! – Sue. Keep up the blogging excellence folks!


  1. You're being unduly modest here Lynn – I was chuffed to see you're on that Top 100 list. Congratulations.
    Good luck with the September startup.

    1. Thanks Susie. I'm hoping the Start Up event goes well too. We've had a few new folk visit over the summer, which is usually our quieter period.

      The event is, IMHO, a chance to help people like us and keep our community going.

      I think I'm somewhere in the 80s – feel free to make a gag about retro fashion if it helps 😀

    2. Nowt wrong with being in the 80s. Just discovered the Vintage TV music channel which has become our standby video jukebox when there's nothing else on. But, yeah, maybe not the fashions.
      Cute pic with the red top by the way. And I like your shoes.

    3. Looking back isn't always a bad thing, IMHO. A good tune can hold its own over the years.

      Thanks for the compliment. The heels are from Dorothy Perkins. The flats are some Birkenstocks the Ever Lovely Mrs J didn't take to. I think the footbed had gone hard. Still, her loss, my gain 🙂

    4. Talking of the '80s, I recently impulse-bought a DVD series on that decade (titled, appropriately enough, The Eighties), which was very good and made me oddly nostalgic for the decade myself. One episode was dedicated to '80s music, and while watching it, I realized that, damn, a lot of that stuff really was good! Many of the people that were interviewed for the episode in question were of the same opinion – indeed, the love and enthusiasm they had for the decade's music were beautiful things to behold!

  2. Commiserations over your current cold – I've been lucky in that department so far this year, but I fear my luck may be finally running out. My throat's been feeling a bit hot and sore today, I've been blowing my nose a lot more than usual, and I feel very tired. So, yes, it's probably time to once again endure the pointless misery of having some rotten cold virus do its best to turn my body into one great big germ factory. Hurrah!

    Re the weather, things in your neck of the woods sound very much like things here right now: quite pleasant at times, though with a lot of rain as well (Good Lord, do I hate the rain – seriously, don't get me started on it!). Do you get much rain where you live? I know the stereotype is that England's always wet (the one downside to living somewhere so lovely and green, I suppose), but is that actually true?

    Some nice looks you're sporting there – I particularly like the first one, with the semi-transparent thingamujig you're wearing in it (is that what they call a stocking top, or am I thinking of something else there?). I can relate to your recent frustration over the shoes; it's a problem I've encountered far too often myself (I too seem to have weird-sized feet).

    1. The cold – sorry, man flu 🙂 – is mostly over. Well, other than the croaky voice and occasional squeak. It's like your voice breaking all over again. 🙂

      Hmm. Weather. We don't do bad, if I think about it. By a lucky arrangement of hills and light valleys, where we live seems to do okay. That's not to say we don't get the downpours and/or serious weather. It's just we seem to dodge some of it. Is England always raining? Places like the Lake District (mountains) get a lot, but I think as we're just a small island, mostly the weather is just very changeable. I'd much rather have that, than baking sunshine. Bleugh. 🙂

      Thanks for the kind words re the black top. I think you'd call it sheer, but I get your meaning. Commiserations on the awkward feet syndrome 🙂

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