If there’s one thing blogging has taught me, it’s that I can’t predict what people will comment on. You may think that after bashing away at the keys, at least weekly for the last ten years, that I’d have more of an inkling…. But, no. So, I’m curious, when you don’t comment, why is that?

Dad Duties

This week gone I’ve been holding the fort as the Ever Lovely Mrs J has been away on business. Granny J has been over to help pick the kids up twice, as that’s really helped. Especially as work has become rather busy. Still, at least the day goes quickly.

So, no visit to Chams this week for Yours Truly. I did wonder if I’d have a bit of a wobble, but no. All seems good, for which I’m grateful.

Luckily, there’s another for the other foot

Perhaps my mood was helped by the delivery of some new summer wedges. Reduced in the sale, so it would be rude not to. I did try then out as realised my toes weren’t painted.

Seeing as I was on my Tod, I didn’t have to rush the removal and it’s been rather nice to have a pretty colour on my toes for most of the week.

It’s a funny thing, in a way. Painted toes aren’t visible, yet knowing I had them done, meant that I somehow felt better about myself. I’m probably not explaining it very well, but there was an element of it feeling right, or natural. Ironic given the concept of covering your nails with bright paint. 🙂

Still, you take pleasure where you can.

Take care,


  1. As regards comments – I do read every week but only occasionally comment. Two things really as to why I might not – either a case of lack of time when I've swiftly moved onto something else or just nothing particular to remark upon.

    But the painted toes is certainly worth a comment. That's something I always maintain even though they are rarely on display as such. But I do like to hang on to that in times when stuck in male mode. I remember going up to Edinburgh in January last year with a friend of mine who was going to be going out with me as Claire for the first time. On seeing my painted toes she commented – it's going to be a bit cold for wearing sandals. So I had to explain that I certainly had no intention of wearing sandals but my toes were always painted. And of course January is of course in the middle of my six-ish month long boot wearing season so I couldn't let it interrupt that.

    Was out as Claire last night but not at Chameleons either though as was at the Royal Concert Hall to see Steve Hackett. Excellent evening and all the better for going as Claire.

    1. Thanks for replyng, Claire. Time does to be a killer, at least, I find that too when reading other blogs.

      Good to hear you enjoyed at night out and that it went well too.

  2. Mostly I don't comment because I don't have anything useful to add to your thoughts. Although sometimes it's because it would require being more introspective and open in "public" than I'm comfortable with

  3. You often encapsulate the point so well that there is nothing to add. Thinking about it though, even an 'agree' means a lot.

    I too have my toes painted all the time. It's sometimes a pain given my home situation: I've had to wear socks a lot more than I would like. But at work, when the dysphoria hits, a memory of my toes doesn't solve it, but it offers a little bit of help. And the rest of the time, it causes a secret smile to form on my lips. 😊

    Great wedges too! Loving the Summer preparation…

    1. Yeah, it's a funny thing, blogging. I suppose in some way, writing a post is a bit of a performance. There's certainly a bit of a mental song & dance to put it together 🙂 Given the idea it's that, perhaps it's only natural to seek what others think, so that it can improve.

      Oh, and so with you on the secret smile thing. It does help.

  4. You can never predict fully what gets hits/ comments though it hasn't stopped people offering to tell me.

    Lucie (with toe nails painted pink).

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