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Some weeks are just the passing of time, whereas some, are more a series of small, but happy events. This time around was one of those. Firstly, I was on Single Dad Duty for the early part, as the Ever Lovely Mrs J was away on a course. This meant early starts (I really don’t do mornings) and being organised, rather than loafing about until nearly school time, with a coffee and my smartphone. How single parents manage it all, I really don’t know and hats off to those that do. But, the Every Lovely Mrs J has returned and not too tired either, so it’s all good. It’s a week’s respite and then I think she’s got another week away.

Work has been going well, which always worries me, in that does Fate’s evil vindictive relation have something up their sleeve? It’s a worry, but perhaps it’s best to enjoy the good while you can. Wow, that’s cheerful, isn’t it! 🙂 So, good stuff: I had my performance/development review, which while I won’t be getting anything extra in the pay packet (again), I did get some kind feedback from colleagues. It seems I’m helping them, making them laugh and in some cases, inspiring them too. So while there won’t be extra pennies in the pocket, there are good thoughts to be had, knowing I’m valued. That did put a spring in my step.

Talking of work, at least two female work colleagues – and then a lady on a podcast – expressed their love for RuPaul’s Drag Race. Now, maybe you’d think that comedy, mad cross-dressing and some song & dance would draw me to the show, faster than you can say Size 9 Shoe Sale. Trust me, it’s not easy after a G&T, and certainly not with these teeth. 🙂

Both H & S extolled the fun of the show and also Ru’s occasional wise interjections. Particularly – and please don’t quote me on this – “if you can’t love  yourself, how can you expect anyone else to.” Well, in my head they have Donny Parton’s accent around them, but I guess both icons will just have to have a sing off, to see who gets to own that phrase 😉

I’ve seen a few T folk who seem to tip towards the showier, flashier end of the spectrum. Perhaps, almost drag. I’m not judging, merely pointing out. But…. it’s not really me. I guess I’m just too square to be that fabulous. More High Street than High Drama. But, hey, again, not judging.

But differences aside, I can agree with RuPaul’s words about loving yourself. Yes, stop sniggering at the back. I can see you 😛 Learning to accept who you are is damned hard. Perhaps slightly more so when you feel somewhat less than standard issue. I’ve said it a few times, but that doesn’t make it any less or more true.

Thanks to Valtography

Talking to a new girl and a regular (Helen) last night, we did all hit on the phrase of “just what the hell am I doing?”. That moment when you take a look at yourself and your confidence – or perhaps, whatever it is that drives being trans – creaks or even crashes. So it came to me last night: I was tired and when I looked in the wardrobe, while I could see many pretty tops, trousers, leggings, and dresses… none of them spoke to me of an outfit. Maybe there was an element of that tricky Spring/Winter weather, where it’s not yet warm enough for fancy fabrics, but the sunshine means you don’t want to be still sporting opaques and boots.

Thing is, I could have shrugged and turned in, but I knew that if I didn’t try and pick something, I’d be kicking myself come Thursday night. So, you pick two, hope and turn in for the night. Perhaps, when your confidence takes a knock, you just have to take a moment and do it anyway. Plus, as Jack Burton says: “Tall guy, weird clothes. First you see him, then you don’t.” 🙂

Still, all ends well, I think and Thursday night was a good one. I didn’t go with my much loved Desigualnumber, but a pink dress I’ve had many years.  Plus, I managed to get to the Centre quite early – at least for me – so I wasn’t too long getting changed upstairs. I had a good chat with some new and old folk alike. We were quite busy, which is excellent news for the group’s funding and it’s great to catch up with old friends too. That, also, puts a spring in my step. Reasons to be cheerful, eh?

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