The clocks have gone back, the night’s have drawn in and the trees are the more gorgeous shades of red and yellow. Hello, proper autumn. A time for long walks to take in the warming rays of the sun and to enjoy the light, before Winter throws a cold, dark – and frequently wet – blanket over dear Old Blighty. At least, that’s the vibe around here, out in the sticks near Jones Towers.

Not that I mind. I do love a walk in the woods. Much as I like a spot of city shopping or disco dolly moments, in bloke mode, forests, for me, is where it’s at. There’s something mentally refreshing about being out in nature. The sights, the lack of sound and the beautiful colours.

Maybe one day I’ll mix a forest walk with a spot of Lynn time. A careful plan of cute wellies, leggings and a cosy knit to keep the chill away. It would make a break from the norm. 🙂

Talking of a break, no Chams for me this coming week, as the Ever Lovely Mrs J is away. I’ll be house-husband and collecting the nippers for most of next week. Not that I mind. I do love them both dearly. Both Wee Man and Little Miss are at the age where they’re not so much trouble and are quite capable of entertaining themselves. They are both away from that age where silence suggests something scary, like the car being given a clean with the loo brush, or improvised wallpaper enhancement a la Crayola. 🙂 But, they’re not quite of senior years that they’re up after I go to bed, and I’m not sat up waiting for them to come in. [ Brief note: I had the first Trick or Treat outing with Little Miss last week and it was such fun. ]

With a lack of Chams the week before last and missing this week, I’m taking some time to have a day out. I’ll be far away from home – well ‘ish’ – and I’ll enjoy a day out in Lynn mode. I am very much looking forward to it and I’ve had my outfit – daytime office – planned for some time.

Thing is, I may have to amend and switch to opaques to blend in a little more. Well, as much as a six foot chap cross dressed can blend in. My only quibble at the mo is low heels or flats. I’m tempted towards heels, but that’ll add some height to me.

Mind you, who am I kidding? I’m already tall and my shoulders and build are not passable. Not that I think that matters anymore. That would just be an unobtainable stick to hit myself with. Better accept and relax, I feel.

Fingers crossed it all goes to plan. It’s not that I need to buy anything. I think it’s more to just be out. To spend some time as me – or, more accurately, ‘all of me’ – once in a while. Not that I won’t hit a few shoe shops. 😉

Take care,


  1. Your daytime office look is really nice.
    I would do semi-opaques and flats (but that's just me).
    You always look gorgeous and passable to me (in a strictly girl2girl way 🙂 )
    Have fun. Find shoes!

    See you in Dec


    1. I'm good thank you – also trying increasingly to get past the nerves. And slowly whittling the weight off – seems to take up a lot of attention, but nearly up to 2 stones off. Just a small heifer to go! I'm determined to get to Chams before Xmas – it would be great to see you – its been far too long. x

    2. Fear is the mindkiller, so I'm told 🙂

      Good luck with the weight loss. You do look trimmer.

      Chams at Xmas would be excellent. With luck, there won't be another business trip for the Ever Lovely Mrs J quite so close to the holidays. I'd much have her safe at home with the Jones Crew.

  2. Is Halloween a big thing in the UK? It's slowly growing in popularity here, though it seems to be more of an opt-in thing – households that are happy to have trick-or-treaters knocking on their front doors advertise the fact by means of decorations such as fake cobwebs; black, white and orange balloons; paper jack o' lanterns and suchlike. Alas, it wasn't really a thing when I was growing up, so that was something I missed out on. 🙁

    Yes, a walk in the woods can be very therapeutic. There's a big national park in my city that I'll periodically visit when I want to commune with nature – it's very nice. As a bonus, it has a railway line passing through it, which can make for a suitably thrilling experience if a goods train happens to be going through at the same time you're there; nothing like standing right by the tracks and watching an engine or two followed by fifty or more carriages go hurtling past. There're also a couple of tunnels which, in my more idiotic moments, I've walked through. That's a nice, eerie experience; even when you can see each end, the darkness in between is so complete that you end up feeling quite disembodied, like it's only your head there, just floating in the inky blackness. One time, I got more excitement than I bargained for when a train entered one of the tunnels while I was still in it! Luckily it was the shorter of the two, and I was quite close to the other end, so I was able to high-tail it out of there before the train caught up with me. Just one more thing to put on the list of "Reasons I'm sometimes surprised I'm still alive"!

    1. I think Halloween has grown in popularity over the years. Isn't there an old saying that the UK is ten years behind the US? I remember Halloween parties from when I was a kid, but with Bonfire Night (see Google and Guy Fawkes) so close, that seemed to take precedence. Well, we Brits love a chance to dress up, eat and be silly, so Halloween must have been a sure thing 🙂

      The opt-in thing seems to work here too. Little Miss access her friends avoided any houses without decorations. Plus, Mrs J's folks had stocked up on treats, but had no decorations up. So no one visited them. Still, more chocolate! Nom nom nom. 🙂

      The park you mention sounds really nice, even with the train running through it. There's a park out in the sticks near us and there's a heritage train line there. It being Britain, it's fenced off, and given your tunnel run, perhaps for very good reason! 😀

  3. I hope you have a good time with your day out, hope you will give a good blog on this one. Think I have a few years before it will be my turn to get out in public as fyona, but you never know.

    Well it was my tun off on trick or treating this year finally got the Mrs B to do it while I did the usual cooking dinner, and the little ones come back with lots of sweets so didn't eat the dinner, Someone stole our pumpkin of all things lol.

    See you soon Lynn

  4. Thanks. I'm hoping it well go well too. You never can tell with trips out: regular or T related.

    You could say the same with blog posts. I really can't tell if what I write will be popular or interesting. I just write what comes to mind, chuck in a few jokes, a photo or two and see how folk react.

    No rush with getting out. It'll happen when you're ready.

    PS: who steals pumpkins? Ah, the Headless Chav, sorry, Horseman. 🙂

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