Ah, the first visit to Chameleons in many a moon. If last time’s post was all about going solo, then last night’s visit was all about community and belonging.

It had been, what?, a month plus since I’d last seen friends at the group, so it was great to catch up and find out what they’d been up to. It was good to see people who’d not been for a while, and in some ways, Chams is somewhere you can come back to, seemingly after any time.

Jacob, one of our transmen, had popped in and it seems his luck is finally turning. It was very interesting to hear him talk about him starting to transition. Particularly his comments about looking forward to growing a beard. It is completely the opposite of what most our number want, in that we aim to eliminate any signs of facial hair.

Valtography strikes again.

In other news, Val found our new key upstairs, so that’s two of us with alarm fobs who could lock up, if need me. That’ll certainly help avoid shuttling the single key between us, when it comes to holidays or being away.

Sandi squared the costs over the web hosting and as November’s been unusually expensive (car tyres, kids’ clothing, bills, etc), the money back was very welcome. The good news is that I can stop the monthly charges for the old Chameleons website , and we can concentrate on using the new one. I’ve noticed our forum is picking up, with people chatting. Good to see folk making the most of it.

The Christmas party will be our next meeting – that seems to have come around quickly. So it’s a case of organising food, drinks, music and trying to dodge work dos. Now, give my lack of being able to pack appropriately, perhaps now would be a good time to start thinking about what to wear. 🙂

For a spot of fun I did one of those What Type of Trans Person tests. If anyone says unconvincing or procrastinating, you’d be harsh, but fair. 🙂 Hey, it’s ten questions, so I think it’s unlikely to give any deep soul analysis. But to quote a very funny executive transvestite, there’s the famous Cake or Death question, and that’s just two words. 😉

According to the test, I’m gender fluid, being comfy as either. I can’t say I’d considered that label. I still just think of myself as trans and as Demi may have quipped from Peanuts, “try not to think about it.” 🙂

So, gender fluid despite presenting as a bloke 99% of the time. But then, maybe the inside – who you are – doesn’t change.

Still, it could have said bi-gendered. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, apart from the need of a dash. Otherwise, it looks like big ender. Oo-er, missus 😉

Take care,


  1. Christmas party can't wait 🙂

    I have done all the gender related test's on the internet now I think, some are good some are bad. Bad being that it doesn't mater what you put in for your answers you still end up with a little lady brain, now I don't mind as it is my truth that in some way I do have a female brain. But some of the test are more truthful and you can make the answer from a female to a male brain because I was brought up as a male, so I kind of can cheat. Again a lot of them say I am genderfluid, bigender, non binary even possible transsexual.

    But again labels labels labels, I think I am just going to be the real me and as happy as I can be.

    Fyona x

    1. Yeah, labels schmables 🙂 The tests, I just find them a spot of distraction or even, on occasion, fun. Can such a short test give a detailed insight? Plus, there's the whole subjective issue.

      I do remember a spoof test, which included the answer"what's the girliest option I can pick?" 😀

  2. Had me down as two-spirited. So that'll be vodka AND whisky then 😉

    I read your last statement as 'big-endian'. Bi-gendian does sound like something I could be happy with…. Computing and gender have so much in common 🙂

  3. Interesting to hear you have transmen in Chameleons now – do you have many as members? Like you, I find it interesting that transmen welcome the very physical changes that most transwomen no doubt resent (eg developing facial hair); no doubt the reverse is true as well. Often I wonder if body swaps were possible, would many trans people take advantage of the opportunity to swap bodies with a trans individual of the opposite birth sex?

    A message board for transgender folk and their loved ones I used to frequent a lot ( had a separate section for transmasculine folk, which was always interesting to look at. Unfortunately, some of the MTF CDers on the board could be a bit puerile, with an attitude that essentially boiled down to "Boys (and everything associated with them) are gross"; someone eventually got so sick of their shit that they wrote a very good post which basically said (sarcastically of course), "Congratulations on pretty much insulting every transguy on this board by insinuating that what they're aspiring to is toxic and worthless." Yeah, sadly some of the posters on that board could be more than a little immature and annoying (they certainly weren't making the rest of us look good to any curious visitors!). Thankfully, the moderators were usually pretty good at banning the worst offenders.

    1. Just two transmen, on and off. We may be a trans group, but we're mostly MTF. That's not to say I don't welcome them, it's more I wonder if we're too…. femme? Still, community is what you make it and acceptance is we have in common.

      Sounds like the forum was a bit lively! 🙂 I'm hoping our Thursday meetings aren't like that.

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