In a moment of madness I had a spot of tidying up. Not a purge, dear reader, but a clearance of clutter to dispel the debris. Or, as is sometimes said in Nottingham: getting shot of yer crap. 🙂

While clearing my bedside table, I found a small tin that contains a set of cuff links from long ago. Much as said items have some sentimental value, there’s a little more to it.

Going back to the late 90s, I used to have a large travel trunk. I felt the need to use the term ‘travel trunk’ to avoid any smutty laughter about the size of my trunk, or if it’s well handled, etc. Yes, Carry on Blogging, by all means. 😛

Junk in the trunk or frocks in the box?

So, said trunk sat empty for many years and through an odd arrangement of some old curtains and a sheet of wood, it doubled as a rest for my inkjet printer. Yes, a printer so old that the cartridge didn’t cost more than the printer itself. 🙂 Skip on a few months and shoes, dresses, a wig and make-up began to amass in there. It was a safe place to keep everything and very far from prying eyes. On rare days alone, I’d unpack what I had and grab an hour here, or an brief morning there, being able to express all of who I was. Oh, and wish I was better at make-up 🙂

After Wee Man was born, like all kids, he was drawn to anything he couldn’t get into.

“Why is this shut?”

Because the edges are sharp. 

“What’s inside?”

Nothing by old curtains. 

“When can I have a look?”

You can’t because I don’t know where the key is…

Then when we had upstairs done (not a euphemism)  I moved all of my other clothes into the new wardrobes and spare cupboard. Now, Wee Man, and later, Little Miss, could use the treasure chest – as they called it – to keep toys, or indeed, old curtains.

Rather than my Lynn-wear being trapped, it’s now hung in wardrobes or tucked away in draws. I don’t worry about the Ever Lovely Mrs J seeing what’s in there, because she’s cool with it. The only thing now, is the occasional worry that the kids will have a look through our cupboards and wonder why there are two shoe collections, four wigs and a large grey bag that Dad always takes with him, when he goes out on Thursdays.

Mrs J and I made a deal with the kids that we’d respect their privacy and that the should respect ours. They’re good souls and I’m hopeful curiosity won’t get the best of them. It would, I feel, be somewhat of a Pandora’s Wardrobe and I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

With my clothes hung up and stored safely, I’m thankful. If I look back to those 90s memories, I doubted that I’d ever be in a place where my lovely wife would be okay with who I am. If I look further back to before I met her and before I’d managed to accept who I was, I doubted I’d meet anyone who’d understand. So, all things being equal, I’ve quite a bit to be thankful for.

Now, fingers crossed eh? 😉

Take care,

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  1. Maybe it's just my warped imagination (oh hell, who am I kidding? Of course it's my warped imagination!), but I imagined this story having a macabre, Bluebeard-style twist at the end, with you planning on giving each of your kids a bunch of keys when they'd reached adulthood, and saying, "These are the keys to everything in the house that has a lock. You can use all of them except this one: the one for the trunk in the attic [or basement or wherever]. You can never, ever use that one!" (because the trunk contains a collection of embalmed, severed heads, or is actually the portal to a nightmarish dimension of never-ending pain and suffering). Um yes, moving right along…

    I remember when my collection of women's clothing comprised a single pair of pink satin pyjamas, I alternated between stashing them in a backpack a younger brother had lent me (which got a bit awkward when he wanted to use it himself on one occasion!), and putting them in one drawer of a chest of drawers that was reserved for my stuff. He found out about them eventually, of course, and was apparently quite perplexed when he did. According to my mother, he was like, "But they're pink! And they've got flowers on them! Why would [my real name] want to wear something like that?"

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