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After some deliberation I decided to have another crack at ordering a new corset. Much as hot weather and shapewear go together like the British and not queuing, sometimes, it’s the only way. Well, other than watching my diet and following a regular exercise plan, but like that’s going to happen! 🙂

So, after last time’s debacle of a corset that fit like a sleeping bag, I ignored the vendor instructions and followed my heart. If of have said followed my gut, wouldn’t that have sounded more macho? Yeah, maybe, but we’re still taking about lingerie, so I’m now confused 🙂

I collected the item from the local Post Office and it dawned on me how easy Internet shopping had made things for trans folk. I’ve said before that the web had made it easier for us to stay in touch as build communities. There’s a wealth of information on how to dress your best, learn about makeup and get support from people. Certainly less trial and error, or having to traipse to a trans friendly shop miles away. Or worse, having to brave an unfriendly retailer who have poor service and high prices. I’m hoping the more predatory businesses have gone under, leaving the better ones, but that’s probably wishful thinking.

What was I? Yes, said item was a good fit and certainly of better material and comfort. Well, inasmuch that using steel and cord to contort your male shape into definite curves can be. 🙂 I’ll not be sending this back in a hurry.

Chams itself was fairly quiet, which happens sometimes. As Val pointed out, it’s the summer holidays, so chances are folk are away and these months are traditionally our quietest. I had a good chat with Fyona, Pat and Sarah while I was getting changed.

With the new corset and some old, but not yet vintage, heels, I felt very happy with my outfit. It’s funny, I’ve heard one or two trans people say they don’t like trousers, yet oddly, I find skinny jeans or very wide leg trousers really comfortable. Maybe said troos just need to be not like bloke ones. Anyhoo, I had bought some new earrings in the Pia sale. Well, there were in the sale and I was already ordering something fancy for the Ever Lovely Mrs J. Be a shame not to save on postage… 🙂

New earrings
Old and pretty heels
Feeling fine
Holding the wall up

Val was kind enough to take the above snaps and surprise me with a comedy number.

Lynn blending in.
The powers of Chameleons

Talking of Chams, the group’s website will need to be moved soonish, as the hosting company is now charging and at quite a rate, IMHO. While the service has been reliable, a good look around T’interwebs has shown we could get a site and a forum in one got the same money. It’s very tempting and with backups thrown in, seems mad not to. Still, it’s a joint decision and that reminds me I still need to a new community account going. Ah, things to do, people to see eh? Who’d have thought that helping run a small group would involve so much….and I don’t have the booking or finances to sort out. Still, much better than the alternative of no group! 😀

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    1. True. I did try finding some local retailers, but the prices were very high. I don't mind paying for quality goods or service, but things need to be affordable. 🙂

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