Trousers: it’s all in the cut


It’s been a long two weeks since the last Chameleons. A *ahem* mere 21 days between meetings, but who’s counting? 🙂 In days go by, I think I would have been thinking about climbing the walls. As time has gone on (Ed: nearly as much as you have, dear), some times, the gaps don’t seem as bad. Maybe it’s the weather, or the gentle acceptance that I’ll be fab again soon enough, I don’t seem to get into the funk that I once did.

Reasons to be cheerful eh? 🙂

Talking of looking back, I was at work the other day when a colleague passed me, wearing some rather fancy, tailored trousers. There was that brief moue from the Green Eyed Monster, but listening to that old bag, rarely helps. Instead, being happy for the other person seems to push the beast back into its cave.

It reminded me that fashion-wise, I don’t mind trousers or flats. I remembered another trans person saying – many years ago now – that they would only wear heels and skirts, or dresses. Never jeans or leggings.

First off, that’s fine: if that’s your bag, or your sense of style, enjoy yourself. There’s enough people in the world telling us what to wear and what not to, without we trans folk wading in to self-police. Knickers to all of that – if you pardon the pun. 🙂

Meanwhile, a few weeks ago

So, with that memory fluttering by, I thought about my own choices. Sure, being fully carpeted in the leg department doesn’t help, but necessity is the mother of invention! There are things you can do, even if this season’s cropped trousers are out of the question. 🙂

Perhaps, its the cut of the trouser that’s the key. Skinny jeans aren’t mens’ jeans (certainly not at my age and weight). Nor are a good pair of tailored smart trousers anything like the rather tedious office kegs* I used to wear ( * or strides to our Australian reader 😉 ). There there’s the wide leg trousers which, in my humble opinion, do rather well for summer… especially with wedges or a chunky sandal.

Perhaps its the sum of the outfit, rather than its parts, as it were? Then again, I just may have had too much whiskey in tonight’s post-work-week cola.

The only jeans I don’t really get on with – at least in my Lynn wardrobe – are a set of straight legged white ones. Culprit to the right, thanks to Valtography Services for the snap 🙂 Despite the colour and fit, I think it’s the feel of those jeans – or rather, how they don’t fit against my body, unlike skinnys, leggings or the flow of wide legged cotton trousers – that usually makes me reach for something else. Still, it’s rather nice to have the choice isn’t it.

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