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Maybe it’s my age, or maybe it’s just the news, but I’m beginning to wonder: is everything political?

This week has seen the brutal murder of LGBT people in America, and the killing of a Member of Parliament, in the UK.

I know there are people who really don’t like gay or trans people. I get that, you don’t and much as I don’t understand you; I don’t wish you hurt or suffering. Maybe I wish you’d think again and understand that we’re people, before any other label, but if I could wish for something, it would be a hard call between world peace, or early retirement on full pay. 🙂

There are some T folk I know who are engaged politically, in trying to change things. Then, there’s the rest of us, who don’t really get involved, but go about our business, just getting on with stuff. When I hear about the hatred some folk have for us – and it seems a minority (I’ll include alcohol induced twattery in this) – just being out and about trans, keeps us in the public eye. Sure, there’s not a lot of us, but each time one of us is out – either high street, a night out or even Out at work – that’s another regular person, who just happens to be trans, getting on with their life. There’s no riot in the street or drive bys, just… another person. Happy and living their life. Is that really worth killing to stop?

I wonder, and on the radio, they mentioned the danger of speculation. Don’t worry, kids, I’m an untrained professional giving an opinion. Do try this at home, but don’t expect it to be truth, or evidence; it’s just my thoughts. Sadly, the same warning doesn’t seem to apply to talking heads (not the band) on the news, but I digress….

Obligatory meme post

Yes, speculation: I wonder if extreme politics or religion – yes, there’s the two things you’re not supposed to talk about (Ed: sssh! Don’t tell any one!) – help drive the legitimisation of extremism? We’ve got people calling (baying, some might say) to reduce immigration and this week I read about a UK group concerned about the ‘trans toilet menace’….

Is there some event, epiphany even, or evolutionary leap, that we’re supposed to make, before we can reach the future? Perhaps the gradual reduction in whatever socio-genetic factors cause people to be complete dicks to each other.

If there is one, wow, do we need it now….

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  1. Well, I agree entirely. I'm not sure that politics or religion cause nastiness; but I am fairly sure that nasty people use political or religious doctrines to justify their innate violence and hatred. And, conversely, I'm afraid that a number of nasty trans people (yes, there are those) use their preferred political platform to justify nasty and unrepresentative behaviour, too, which doesn't help the rest of us. What to do about sociopaths? Sue x

    1. Apologies, it's the *misuse* of religion and politics, rather than the them directly.

      I guess, people fall in to one of three camps: nice, average and dicks. The rest of the labels – trans, cis, straight, gay, religious, etc – are just tags.

      As to sociopaths, that's not a question I can answer. In modern days, they proliferate within large organisations. In the days of yore, they'd lead the tribe until they went too far…. and then would be thrown out or killed. 😉
      In these more enlightened times, I wonder if they can be rehabilitated?

    2. Sue, re your comment about nasty trans people, I'm not sure if these are the kinds of people you had in mind, but I remember some time back becoming aware of a truly strange subset of transwomen who referred to themselves as "true transsexuals" or "women born transsexuals", who appeared to be transwomen who, for whatever unfathomable reason, had decided to become TERFs (ie trans-exclusionary radical feminists, and, whoo boy, don't get me started on those!). These individuals were notorious for accusing 99% of trans folk of being nothing more than mentally ill perverts, and for telling the rest of us under the T umbrella that they wanted absolutely nothing to do with us (which was rather hilarious given that they seemed to devote every minute of their waking lives to spreading their venom on trans blogs and message boards). As I understood it, the only people who'd determined that these individuals were "true" transsexuals were the aforementioned transsexuals themselves, who apparently used a definition of transsexuality not recognized by any reputable medical professional. All in all, a really, really bizarre group of individuals. Thankfully, it's been a long time since I've seen any online, though maybe I haven't been looking in the right places!

  2. Sadly, we have our share of extremist nuts here too. Among them are far right loons who still believe the Jews are behind everything that's wrong with the world, and conservative politicians who don't seem to like LGBT folk all that much. One of the latter individuals, a charming fellow called Cory Bernardi, actually hails from my own city (yay), and has gained a notorious reputation here for continually equating homosexual acts with bestiality; indeed, he seems to mention the latter thing so much that it'd appear he'd have a rather unhealthy obsession with it; I think a lot of people here are waiting for the (probably inevitable) day when he's caught in a compromising situation with either a rent boy or farm animal. 🙂 We also have no shortage of libertarian-style wankers who think that the almighty MARKET (praise be its glorious name and infallible decisions!) should be allowed to decide pretty much everything related to the running of society, such as whether workers deserve to be paid wages they can actually live on, whether the poor really deserve medical care, and whether students should be allowed to further their education without having to spend the rest of their lives paying off extortionate amounts of debt (obviously, their answer to all of these questions is a resounding NO). Scarily, a lot of these individuals seem to look at what the likes of Margaret Thatcher did to your country, and say, "Now there's a model to emulate!"

    While I'm probably not as political as I was in my hot-headed teens and early twenties, I'm still very interested in politics. Also, while I'm not as idealistic as I once was, I certainly haven't gone to the opposite extreme and become some frothing-at-the-mouth reactionary, or even conservative – I've simply come to realize that a lot of issues are a little more complex than the radical crowd I hung around with in my younger years would've had me believe!

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