The Year That Was


Welcome to the future, it’s 2016. Or, umm, welcome to the present day, or maybe even the past, if you’re reading this later than I posted it. Ah, perhaps more glorious speeches have been given, but this is a blog, not a rousing, morale boosting soliloquy from a horse. Maybe that’s what today’s leaders are missing, not using a horse in full battle armour. Certainly be more interesting than Death by Powerpoint. Ah, how my mind wanders…. 🙂

Family Christmas

The observant amongst you, will notice I missed last week’s post. It was Christmas, so I think a gap here and there’s not too much to ask. I hope you had a good time, whatever you got up to. For me, it went very well. Very good company, good times and enjoying the look of joy on my family’s faces, as they opened some of their gifts.

Wee Man did a “OMG! OMG!” chorus, when he opened the wrapping on his new console. He had no idea about that, bless him. Both the Ever Lovely Mrs J and I had been stringing him along, saying he could ask for money towards one, for Christmas. Parents eh? Such b*stards 😉

Little Miss got lots of drawing things and stuffed toys (or fluffys as we call them), which is so her thing. She’s not one for princesses, or dresses; but she does like teddy bears. The fact that she’ll go to a party in jeans and a t-shirt (in a cool way). This makes me chuckle, as the other girls her age, are often in party frocks. She may be only 8, but she’s got fierce in the megawatt range. I should add, she’s also very kind.

As to the Ever Lovely Mrs J, she was very happy with the new clothes I’d bought her. Tops, tunics and otherwise, all conspired to make her one happy lady. I think the ‘treat yourself to plenty of books’ voucher, also helped.

Xmas itself was spread out over a few days, as different outlaws – sorry, in laws – turned up to Jones Towers. Not having to pack in the travelling between various parts of the UK, was also a welcome relief…. and I’m not the one driving. All in all, it’s been a rather splendid Christmas.


Pandora, a former blogger and now Facebook friend, posted about having a Memory Jar. For those of you, not in the know, it’s pretty much this: keep a pot, or mason jar; then when something nice happens, write it down and pop that note in. Do not open until the end of the year.

I’ve been looking through my notes and most of them seem to be about people, places and produce (Ed: Go go Gadget Alliteration!). The places have been some of the holidays we’ve enjoyed together. A week in the Peaks (with plenty of walking), a long weekend in Prague (plenty of sightseeing, walking and beer. Very reasonable prices. Do go if you get the chance), the Ever Lovely Mrs J winning a holiday in Devon (not been before, so something different). There’s places closer to home, such as Sherwood Forest or just getting the chance of good weather at home, and walking through the countryside. Simple pleasures, if you will.

Work has been going well, as much as having to turn up and listen to people pretending not to wing it, can go. 🙂 I might not be earning big bucks, but the quality of life ain’t bad and the holidays are excellent. Part of me says that it won’t last, but then, what does? Well, other than a bad tattoo or over 40s weight gain? 🙂 No, it may not last, but I shall ignore that nay saying monologue and just enjoy things while the going’s good.

Wee Man has been doing really well at school. We were a little worried that Big School might have problems, but on the whole, he’s fitted in, stands his ground and is doing well in class. Little Miss, is showing us an artistic and creative side. It’s great that they’re both different. Chalk & cheese sometimes! 🙂

Trans-wise, 2015 has been good. The Black Dog has not reappeared, despite the longer nights and dare I say, I’m happy with where I am. I get out now and then. Mostly to Chameleons, sometimes further afield and that’s pretty good. It’s far more freedom than I’d thought I’d have, and that can’t be a bad thing. This year I’ve changed hair styles, helped a few trans people and had a few Awesome Outfit moments. Hopefully, you’ll know the latter. The moment you look in the mirror and you think, yeah, I’m happy looking like this. Those of you with an ear for a film quote, may prefer, “That’ll do, pig,” but, to quote an Internet meme, that’s none of my business 😉

Office girl, spring, summer, autumn and Xmas

The Xmas outfit (far right), is I think my highlight of the year. For just a while, I was dancing without a care or worry in the world, and I felt fab. What’s not to like?


So what about the coming year? Well, 2015 seemed to be the Big Year for Trans People. So much so, that I felt it was worth capitalising the title. 🙂 So many people have come out and stepped forward, that it really feels things have changed. I’m not saying it’s a bed of roses, as there’s a way to go yet. Hell, we’ve still not sorted out equality for women, and how long as feminism been running?

But, for every nay sayer, or bigot, there seems someone stepping up to push back. Not just trans folk, but non-trans people too. I can only hope this momentum and – dare I say it? – acceptance continues. Just the other day, I was reading a somewhat anti-trans piece – wrapped up in some media tosh about identity – and other Facebookers (mostly non-trans, as much as I know), had picked up on the anti-trans nature and commented that this sort of thing isn’t to be tolerated.

As for the new year itself, I’d wish for some luck and good health. Not just for me, but for you and yours, dear reader.

Take care,


  1. Great summary Lynn and made me smile at various points and evoked a certain amount of jealousy I have to say. I'm not allowed to string children along about Christmas presents because they just can't cope with my level of teasing. Hopefully Mrs A will let me next year.

    And as for this, I'm glad that you continue to blog – your weekly round of humour (go go gadget alliteration being a great example), sage advice and common sense is an oasis sometimes that I really look forward to reading. Keep up the good work — and I'm determined to make a return trip to Chams this year – it would be lovely to see you again in person!

    Take care, Rhi x

    1. Thanks, Rhi, for you kind words. Glad to read it made you smile.

      As for stringing along, I try not to wind either child up, or tease them over what they may, or may not have. Instead, I just say "well, I guess we'll see what Santa brings." Wee Man is 12, so it's more a figure of speech with him, but it serves to not have a discussion around gifts, or Santa's list. That way, there's no winding up, too much hype, or – hopefully – no disappointment around the big day.

      If you did make it to Chams, it would be lovely to see you again. L x

  2. Lovely to read your thoughts on last year and this, and I'm glad to hear Christmas was so happy. Thanks for sharing all your various thoughts in this super blog. I have always admired the Lynn Jones Look and recommend your sartorial sense to other TGirls for being very authentic, and Mrs Jones evidently benefits, too (LJ Fashions Ltd could well be your next line of business). Have a great year, Lynn. Sue x (Definitely not a Blakes 7 character)

    1. Yes, Christmas went very well. A combination of luck and very good planning by the Ever Lovely Mrs J. An early shopping start by yours truly, helped keep things on track and us in the black.

      Very kind of you to say such nice things about the 'Jones Look'. Mrs J once said with a smile that she can rely on me to provide good clothes and, should she be lacking, have a ready standby in the shoe department.

      If it all goes to plan, Chams are planning a Pink Thursday, at the end of January. Part clothing and wig sale, part make up advice. Hopefully it'll be a winner. I can never cask these things.

      ( LOL @ Blake's 7 callback )

  3. Yep, here's looking forward to a good year.
    And let's remember this is a journey and we might as well try to enjoy it, rather than just longing to arrive somewhere.
    All the best,

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