It’s beginning to look a lot like weight gain…


Well, that’s the first working week of the year out of the way. In many ways, it felt a bit like a cross between a Carry On film and The Walking Dead. (Ed: Carry On Walking the Dead?) Various adults wandering around, some shuffling, as they try to shake off the late mornings and later nights. That and the extra Xmas weight we’ve put down for the winter. 🙂 But it’s over – for now! – and it’s back to family time and other more interesting things.

Umm…. Not that much is going on really. I think we’re still getting back into the swing of things and my job as IT/gadget adviser is winding down nicely. Really, I’m so glad I don’t do that for a job and then come home to the same thing. That way madness lies! 🙂

What fakery is this?

Given it’s a slow news week, I did say I’d share the secret around, how I achieve my curves. They are, other than the larger than average booty (see below), all fake. The, hopefully, simple instructions are here and you shouldn’t need much to create your own padding. Just some fairly soft foam, two sets of shoulder pads and a little patience. Those of who enjoy a bit of 80s hair metal, may wish to sing the last three words. 😉

If you felt you needed some more junk i the trunk, I think you could alter the shape of the pink tears (see right), or use extra shoulder pads, to increase your bottom. I don’t need much help in that department (hello odd genetics), which is great when cross-dressing, but not so good when gentleman’s trousers are a little snug in the wrong areas. Still, saves on a belt, eh? 🙂

The upside of being back at work, other than seeing my work-mates, is that I’m out the house more. The lunchtime walks are back on the menu and it feels good to break up the holiday before it became routine.

Have you looked at any of the sales? They’ve sort of passed me by this year. I think it’s because there’s nothing I really want. Or, more accurately, nothing I really want that I can buy. Talking of the latter, I’m hoping the Chameleons’ Welcome Event will go to plan at the end of this month. It’s set for the last meeting of the month, and we’re playing a sort of ‘how to’ / bring and buy event.

We tend to get a number of first timers after Christmas. I wonder if it’s a New Year’s Resolution thing? That or the pressure cooker of the Xmas holidays gives people a push to want to be all of themselves – if that makes sense.

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  1. I new really want to see 'Carry On Walking the Dead'
    There's a lot of stuff in the sales but the problem with sales is that anything you really like is never in your size. And have you noticed all the pretty stuff is only in size 8. (Are any of us a UK size 8?)

    1. Sir Sidney Roughshot will no doubt save Scabs Winsor and Arthur Tool (he had a mostly lucky escape). It's a camping trip gone wrong, as the dead invade Elle's Belles nature park. Oddly, some of the dead are in the nuddy, following a mix up over naturist bookings. Will our plucky campers survive the deadlock and make it to Craven House? Etc…. 🙂

      Moving on 🙂 Yes, there seems to be loads of petite stuff and never anything for us tall buggers 🙂

  2. Hi Lynn,
    Well, sales are (at least in theory) for the shops to unload the things that nobody wanted to buy, so it's no surprise that a lot of the nice stuff is only in sizes 8 and 20. I expect like me you get a real boost when you do find something nice that fits.

    Interesting revelation about the foam.
    I have been doing a bit more research and have found the following:
    Carpenter RX41 (light grey foam) is the best for proper girlie pads. It has more 'body' than the alternative Vitafoam R400H though it is otherwise similar. I use two fairly large 30mm thick pads (suitably shaped and tapered) to get a bum and hips where nature failed me. 8-(

    For thinner pads the Vitafoam has the edge, as it's slightly softer feel blends nicely at the edges. Cheaper foam is ok but it loses it's shape quite quickly.
    Anyway, if you are happy with your pads, that's great.

    1. Yes, a chance for the dear retailers to have a clear out, before it's on to the next festival of tat. 🙂 Having been somewhat cynical, I did see a very nice dress in the Joe Brown's booklet. /sigh 🙂

      Thanks for the information on the foam. I can't say it's anything I considered. I just had a go and took it from there. Is it easy to get that type of foam in the shops, or is it better to go online?

    2. Ah, there's the trick. Shops rarely sell it.
      I get mine from Jordans Foam. But be prepared, cut foam is not cheap as chips because of the wastage, and postage is always extra.

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