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A short week, this week. The Jones Massive have had another summer break, albeit a long week. I know, lifestyles of the rich and famous, eh? Not that my bank account is looking well, that’s for sure. Still, a good time was had by all and despite the dining out, the sheer amount of walking we did, has worked wonders. I feel I have much more energy and, I get finally get back into my 36″ bloke jeans. Clearly, the daily 5 – 7 mile walks, have paid off. Note to self: more exercise. 🙂

We went to Prague and if you get chance, and for what it’s worth; I thoroughly recommend it. I think adding up the cost of the flights, the hotel and the food; it’s not much more costly that London by train. Well, unless you live in London that is: I’m sure the Tube fair, is very reasonable 😛 Plus, Prague’s architecture and the sense of history, is fantastic. Yes, there’s a stag do notoriety, but we didn’t see much of that (two kids, remember?), so no problems there.

The climate was on the warm side and, me being me, I did keep an eye on the fashions and styles people preferred. It felt very UK, if that makes any sense. Mind you, skinny jeans with ripped knees don’t seem to be in. At least, not as ‘in’ as they are in Nottingham. Fashion, go figure.


There’s no Chams for me this week, as the Ever Lovely Mrs J is away on business. I’m home being Dad and, dare I say, it’s all going well. It’s a bit of a rush in the morning, but I think we’re on top of things. Go Team Jones 🙂

I happened to see the Channel Four programme, Muslim Drag Queens. I won’t review or spoil any of it, and it’s on C4’s catch up service for the next 28 days, if you fancy watching it.

One thing I’ve noticed over the years at Chameleons, is that we don’t tend to have many people from Black or Asian backgrounds, attend. I think I’ve seen one Asian lady (who looked utterly fab in her sari), and that was at least six years, or so ago. A quick look on t’internet and the census stats for the county are 71.5% White, 13.1% Asian, 7.3% Black British and 6.7% Mixed Race. Given the struggles and abuse faced by some in the above programme, I guess the lack of attendance, given our mixed community; it makes more sense now.

Sure, trans and drag or trans and sexuality don’t always go hand in hand. Ignoring differences, it is about being true to your feelings and being accepted for who you are. I think, regardless of what label, we pin in ourselves – and we’re back to last week’s talk around identity – we just want to be accepted and to be ourselves.

I thought we, as a society, were getting there. After watching this, I feel, we’ve still a long way to go.



  1. I enjoyed Muslim Drag Queens – and quite a bit seemed relevant, especially from Imran / Zareena (if not her primary aim of getting a bloke).

    1. Well, discrimination's discrimination, regardless of the source, I guess. It did feel a bit like three stories glued together, but, ultimately, I think the show did have a theme and that ran throughout. I did feel sorry for Zareena, in her failed attempts to find someone.

  2. Re your visit to Prague, the Czech Republic was originally going to be somewhere my family and I went on our own European adventure last December, but in the end, we went to Austria instead (not really complaining, though, as the latter country was very nice). Was there much of a language barrier in Prague? I'm guessing you didn't experience too many problems there, given you enjoyed yourselves.

    Plus, Prague's architecture and the sense of history, is fantastic.

    I found that to be the case with the parts of Europe I saw too. It's such a contrast to Australia, where nothing's older than 200 years or so. Unfortunately, in my city, the powers-that-be seem to be in an unseemly hurry to tear down what relatively few old buildings still remain, and replace them with more stupid office blocks and apartment buildings. 🙁 On a related note, one of the things that enrages me the most about ISIS is the way they're demolishing beautiful old ruins, and smashing irreplacable antiquities, in the parts of the Middle East currently under their control. Just seeing all those ancient treasures (some of which are thousands of years old) wrecked in the name of a worthless ideology that'll soon be forgotten (we can only hope anyway) really doesn't do good things for my blood pressure! It only makes me loathe fundamentalism, in all its forms, all the more! It truly is the enemy of everything that's good and beautiful in the world.

    1. There wasn't much of a language barrier, really. We were in a major city and in a quite touristy area. I think we had only one slip up, and that came to ordering, but no big problem.

      France, like Austria, lost a lot of their old buildings because of the wars. Some UK cities, they could do with being pulled down and rebuilt. 🙂

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