Summer days


This week has been a bit of a gift. Firstly, I’ve had three days at home, so I can attend a virtual training course. One of those modern things, where instead of community to spend most of the day in front of a computer screen, you – ummm – stay at home in front of a computer screen. 🙂

I am, however, doing the process and the trainer a disservice and only from a (weak) comedy angle. In fairness, these remote training sessions mean I can balance home and work life, without any major difficulties on either side. For those of you with a technical bend (Ed: ooh, Matron!), this course was on Cloud Services. There were a large number of people on the course, who’ve moved a lot of their IT systems to these external hosts. It seems the idea of a traditional ‘server room’ at work, filled with winking (read it carefully) lights and expensive kit, seem to be waning (steady). Give it a few years and maybe some companies will have no servers on site. Then give if a few years more and the trend will reverse. That’s IT for you. 🙂

Other than the training, the weather’s not been too bad, so I’ve been able to get out for a walk around the village (willage?) and the countryside. This, for me, is a very nice change from the dash to the canteen, or walk-of-fire through the industrial estate to a nearby sandwich shop. All reasons to be cheerful. 🙂

The Trans Force continue to be illusive, but I’m trying to just accept and move on. In the past, when the training has hit something I knew, I’d experiment with make-up, or sort out my wardrobe. This time, I didn’t do any of that, which means I can concentrate on what I need to and I don’t have to worry about home deliveries or tidying up, before everyone comes home.

I think the closest I’ve got to any cross-dressing, has been trying on some false nails I found in the cupboard. They certainly reduced my typing speed. How do people manage? Is it a training thing? 🙂 Silliness aside, while they were somewhat of a clash to the Dad shorts I was wearing; they felt right. I guess to some people, wearing them may seem odd, but to me, they’re just another part of my wardrobe.

So, all is ticking along and I’m only a few days away from the family holiday. Good times.



  1. Not sure if you're old enough to remember the trend towards distributed computing that came before consolidation.
    As for cloud – the best way to understand what you're doing is to describe it as "someone else's computer".

    1. A little before my career, I think. Mostly it's been client server, or client network (with resources shared on each PC).

      The more advanced cloud stuff send very clever. I'm not sure the firm is ready to go to 'instant on, scale out' computing yet. One day maybe.

  2. Lovely nail colour too! Hope its not one of those course where they expect the webcam to be switched on so everyone can you see you too… they are the enemy of dressed up trans people everywhere! :o) x

    1. Thanks. Not bad for plastic 😉 I bought some when they were on offer. They're okay from a distance, or a glam night out. Not sure they'd manage dealing with typing, or a day at the office. Nice change, tho.

      Luckily there's no web cam requirement and if there was, in sure it would develop a fault. 😀

    2. Not an expert, now one of the colouring in people, who design stuff. Which makes for a very pleasant change.

      A: This is bust. I can't work.
      Me: yes, it is bust. It doesn't work for me either. You should ring the help desk.
      A. Can't you fix it?
      Me: no, because I don't with in support and I don't have the access rights.

      Such a good feeling of not mopping up after someone else's mess. Now, making sure we don't put things in that cause the mess, in the first place. What was that old saying about prevention being better than a cure? 😉

  3. Sort of envious about it being summer in your neck of the woods right now – it's freezing where I am! Still, could be worse, I suppose; I could be living on Pluto instead! (Hasn't all the stuff in the news about that been fascinating?)

    1. Quite happy to swap climates 🙂 Especially if there's a chance of snow, or a sharp, early morning frost. Both make for an interesting walk (IMHO). I did read about Australia's cold spell. Snow for the first time in some areas, no?

      I think my science badge may have to go back. I've only been following the Pluto events a little. I did read about Eris, tho.

    2. That's interesting that our cold spell has made international headlines – obviously I'm not just imagining that it's much colder than usual here right now! No snow to report here, unfortunately, though we've certainly had a lot of early morning frosts – indeed, it's not at all unusual to still find large drops of condensation on the windows around midday.

      I've probably read a bit about Eris too. Indeed, I seem to recall having an artist's impression of that celestial body as a desktop background on my computer for a while. It was quite impressive: just a picture of the dwarf planet and its moon against a beautiful backdrop of stars, one of those stars an unusually bright one that was obviously the Sun.

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